Chad D. Touchberry, Ph.D., M.S.

Assistant Teaching Professor
Department(s) of Biomedical Sciences
UMKC School of Medicine
Education and Background

Ph.D. - University of Kansas
M.S. - Midwestern State University
Fellowship - University of Missouri - Kansas City

Meet Chad Touchberry

Dr. Touchberry joined the Department of Basic Medical Science in the School of medicine in 2016. He currently teaches physiology in the Human Structure Function series taught to the medical school students, as well as physiology courses in the Anesthesiologist Assistant and Physician Assistant programs. Dr. Touchberry is an expert in the fields of skeletal and cardiac muscle physiology. His research has focused on understanding the molecular mechanisms responsible for the development of cardiovascular disease and the molecular mechanisms responsible for exercise-induced protection from chronic disease. Specifically, Dr. Touchberry has an interest in elucidating the role or uremic toxins in cardiovascular mortality. Moreover, has a long maintained in interest in the role of Heat Shock Proteins in skeletal muscle adaptation and protection from disease. Prior to coming to UMKC he ran the Exercise Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Laboratory at the University of Memphis, where he also served as the director and lecturer of courses focused on human physiology, metabolism, and chronic disease. His teaching experience spans over 10 years at the graduate and undergraduate level. He is a member of the American Physiological Society.

Selected Publications

Wacker, M.J., Touchberry, C.D., Silswal, N., Brotto, L., Elmore, C.J., Bonewald, L.F., Andresen, J., Brotto, M. Skeletal muscle, but not cardiovascular function is altered in a mouse model of autosomal recessive hypophosphatemic rickets. Front Physiol. 7:173, 2016.

Graham, Z., Touchberry, C.D., Gupte, A., Bomhoff, G., Geiger, P., and Gallagher, P. Changes in alpha7beta1 integrin signaling following eccentric exercise in heat shocked rat soleus muscle. Muscle and Nerve. 23(6): epub, 2015.

Touchberry, C.D., Elmore, C.J., Srinivas, S., Tchikrizov, V., Swan, H.K., Wetmore, L.A., and Wacker, M.J. Thromboxane A2 does not induce markers of pathological hypertrophy, but does mediate cell death via the IP3 pathway. BMC Pharm Tox. 15:73, 2014.

Silswal, N., Touchberry, C.D., Daniels, D.R., McCarthy, D.L., Andresen, J., Stubbs, J.R., and Wacker, M.J. FGF23 directly reduces endothelium-dependent vasorelaxation and nitric oxide bioavailability. American Journal of Physiology – Endocrinology and Metabolism. 26(4): epub, 2014.

Vardiman, P., Jefferies, L., Touchberry, C., and Gallagher, P. Intramuscular heating through fluidotherapy and heat shock protein response. Journal of Athletic Training. 48(3): 353-361, 2013.

Gallagher, P.M., Touchberry, C.D., Teson, K., McCabe, E., Tehel, M., Wacker, M.J. Effects of an acute bout of resistance exercise on fiber-type specific GLUT4 and IGF-1R expression. Applied Physiology, Nutrtion, and Metabolism. 35(5): 581-586, 2013.

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Touchberry, C.D., Gupte, A.A., Bomhoff, G.L., Geiger, P.C., Graham, Z.A., and Gallagher, P.M. Acute heat stress prior to downhill running may enhance skeletal muscle remodeling. Cell Stress and Chaperones. 17(6): 693-705, 2012.

Touchberry, C.D., Elmore, C.J., and Wacker, M.J. HL-1 cells exhibit store operated calcium entry. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications. 416(1-2): 45-50, 2011.