Emma Connelly

Hometown: Kansas City, MO

College/University Attended: University of Missouri-Kansas City - BA Biological Science

Graduate/Professional Institution: University of Missouri-Columbia

A cut above: What I love to do most outside of work is…

Play with my cute doggies and give them haircuts in the summer!! I also love to crochet little animals while watching Netflix and I have just picked up embroidering!

Needle unprotected:

One of my pet peeves is spiders and flies no matter what the size. They can be as large and hairy or as small as a tiny speck I will scream and call someone to my aid to kill it. When there is no one around I grab one of my dogs and make them squish it with their paw so I don't have to touch it.

Slice of life:

The most interesting thing about me you may not know is… I wear a size 3 so it is super great to get deals but also a curse since a lot of shoes have unicorns or sparkly rainbows 😂.