Maithe Enriquez, Ph.D., RN, ANP-BC

Associate Professor, Sinclair School of Nursing, University of Missouri, Nurse Practitioner
University Health
Education and Background

M.S.N. - University of Missouri - Kansas City
Ph.D. - University of Missouri - Kansas City
Fellowship - Prevention and Mangement of Chronic Health Conditions - University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Meet Maithe Enriquez

Dr. Enriquez is a nurse practitioner and researcher. She strives to maintain a program of research and a clinical practice that will make a significant positive impact on the lives of people who are living with or are at risk for chronic health conditions. As an adult nurse practitioner, she has devoted her clinical career to caring for vulnerable adult populations. The problems she saw in her clinical practice led her to pursue the PhD to conduct research focused on enhancing chronic disease health outcomes, particularly among people who were failing HIV treatment due to non-adherence. Dr. Enriquez has conducted successful funded studies with underserved, vulnerable populations. Her research focuses on developing practical interventions that can help individuals and communities improve their health outcomes. She has expertise in community-based participatory research (CBPR) and the development of strong academic-community research partnerships. She maintains a clinical practice caring for adults living with HIV disease and its associated co-morbid conditions.

Research Summary
  • Peers Keep It Real: This research project is examining a peer-facilitated intervention targeting adults who have experienced repeated challenges taking their HIV medications as prescribed. 2013-2017, funded by NINR/NIH.
  • Addressing hypertension in the bateyes of the Dominican Republic: This pilot research project is examining a model for chronic disease management and medication adherence in developing countries. 2016-2018, funded by the Jonas Center.
  • Jonal Global Fellows in the Domincan Republic: This project provides global health research experiences for graduate nursing students. 2016-2018, funded by the Jonas Center.
Selected Publications

Malisqewski, G., Enriquez, M., Logan, P. et all (in press). Development and feasibility of a community-partnered nutrition intervention targeting rural migrant communities in the Dominican Republic.” Public Health Nursing.

Enriquez, M. & Conn, V. (2016). Peers as facilitators of medication adherence interventions: a review. Journal of Primary Care and Community Health. 7(1), 44-55.

Enriquez, M., Cheng, A., Banderas, J., Farnan, R., Chertoff, K., Hayes, D., Ortego, G., Moreno, J., Peterson, J., & McKinsey, D. (2015). A Peer-Led HIV Medication Adherence Intervention Targeting Adults Linked to Medical Care but Without a Suppressed Viral Load. Journal International Association of Providers in AIDS Care. 14(5), 441-448.

Llanque, S., Enriquez, M., Cheng, A.L., Doty, L., Brotto, M.A., Kelly, P.J., Niedens, M., Caserta, M.S. & Savage, L.M. (2015). The Family Series Workshop: A Community-Based Psychoeducational Intervention. American Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease and other Dementias. doi:10.1177/1533317514568003.

Conn, V., Enriquez, M., Ruppar, T., & Chang, K. (2014). Cultural relevance in medication adherence interventions with underrpresented adults: systematic review and meta-analysis of outcomes. Preventive Medicine. 0, 239-247. doi: 10.1016/j.ypmed.2014.10.021

Enriquez, M., Farnan, R. & Neville, S. (2013). What experienced HIV-infected lay peer educators working in Midwestern U.S. HIVE medical care settings think about their role and impact on patient care. AIDS Patient Care and STDs. 27(8), 474-480.

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Enriquez, M. & McKinsey, D. (2011). Strategies for HIV treatment adherence success at the individual patient level. AIDS research and palliative care. HIV/AIDS Research and Palliative Care, 3, 45-51.

Enriquez, M., Cheng, A., Kelly, P.J., Witt, J., Coker A. & Kashubeck-West, S. (2010). Development and feasibility of an HIV and IPV (intimate partner violence) prevention intervention among low-income mothers receiving services in a Missouri daycare center.  Violence Against Women, 16(5), 560-578.

Enriquez, M., Kelly, P.J., Witt, J., Rodriguez, L., Lopez, N., Smueles, J, Romey, T. & Sweet, D. (2010). Silence is not golden: Invisible Latinas living with HIV in the Midwest. Journal of Immigrant and Minority Health, 12(6), 932-999.


Farnan, R. & Enriquez, M. (in press). What Nurses Know….HIV. Demos Health: New York, New York.

Presentations and Lectures

Enriquez, M., Cheng, A., & McKinsey, D. Feasibility of a peer-led intervention (facilitated by lay individuals living with HIV) to address non-adherence among adults linked to HIV medical care but failing treatment. Infectious Disease Society of America (IDSA) Conference. Philadelphia, PA.

Enrequiz M. Ask the Expert: Incorporating HIV interventions at your site, nPEP & PrEP and Intermediate Spanish for Clinicians. National Reproductive Health Title X Conference. Orlando, FL.

Hart, K. & Enriquez, M. Someone to Listen: Becoming Adherent to HIV Medications after Repeated Failure. International Association of Providers in AIDS Care Conference. Miami, FL.

Enriquez, M. HIV and Women, Title X HIV Prevention Conference. Washington, D.C.

Enriquez, M., Banderas, J., Cheng, A., Chertoff, K., Farnan, R., Hayes, D., Ortego, G., Moreno, J., & Peterson, J. Peer-led HIV adherence intervention. ANAC 26th Annual Conference. Atlanta, GA.

Witt, J. & Enriquez, M. Choices and Challenges in Post Assault Pharmacologic Prophylaxis. Sixth Annual Forensics Conference. Kansas City, MO.

Enriquez, M. The Need for Routine HIV Testing in the Latino Community: Silence is Not Golden Anymore. Cambio de Colores Conference: Latinos in the Heartland at the Crossroads. Columbia, MO.

Enriquez, M. & Vazquez, M. Come se dice en espanol? One-day workshop for providers serving Spanish-speaking/ELL Latinos. New Orleans, LA.

Enriquez, M. Getting to Zero: How Hospitals Can Use Rapid Tests to Virtually Elimate Mother-to-Child HIV Transmission conference. Centers for Disease Control, Regional Health Research and Educational Trust, KATEC and MATEC, Missouri Hospital Association. Overland Park, KS.

Enriquez, M. Mom Has HIV: Now What? 2010 AIA Teleconference Series. Sponsored by the University of California, Berkeley.

Honors and Awards

2013 Fellow, American Academy of Nursing

2011, Dean’s Distinguished Service Award, UMKC School of Nursing

2010 Faculty of the Year, Student Nurses Association, UMKC School of Nursing

2009 Richard Sowell, Reviewer of the Year, JANAC

2007 Local Heroes Award, Bank of America