Venkatesh Sampath, M.B.B.S.

Professor, Medical Director - Donald Thibeault Lung and Immunology Laboratories
Department(s) of Pediatrics
Section: Neonatology
Children's Mercy Hospital
Education and Background

M.B.B.S. - Tamil Nadu DR MGR Medical University
Residency - Pediatrics - Royal College of Physicians and Child Health Affiliated Hospitals
Residency - Pediatrics - Cleveland Clinic Foundation
Fellowship - Neonatal Perinatal Medicine - Royal Australian College of Physicians Affiliated Hospitals
Fellowship - Neonatal Perinatal Medicine - Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center

Meet Venkatesh Sampath

Specialties and Research/Medical Interests

Cell Biology, Developmental Biology, Pediatric Genetics, Pediatric perinatal

Research Summary

Dr. Sampath, a physician-scientist in Neonatology, is passionate about understanding the why and how behind babies developing severe lung (BPD) and intestinal (NEC) disease using his expertise in innate immune signaling. Laboratory members study various aspects of neonatal lung disease (BPD) and bowel disease (NEC) using a team science approach. We use complementary approaches involving transgenic mice, cell-culture experiments and human genetics to identify the mechanisms regulating development of these diseases. We hope that our research will provide novel insights into BPD and NEC pathogenesis in neonates that will translate to better options for disease diagnosis and treatment. Current projects include: 1. Regulation of lung endothelial inflammation in the developing lung, 2. Mechanisms underlying impaired vascular development in BPD, 3. Role of TRIP-1 role in lung injury and repair. 4. Animal models to dissect the role of aberrant innate immune signaling in NEC, 5. Genomic susceptibility of NEC and sepsis phenotypes in newborn babies, 6. Effect of sepsis on lung TGFβ signaling and abnormal lung development.