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Recent Updates
  • Taylor Neff (’19) is enjoying working and living in Lawrence, KS with his wife and daughter. He reports: I had the opportunity to become a partial owner of a micro-hospital in Topeka which is now up and running.
  • Lindsay Schwartz (’17) is working in Topeka and due to have a second little boy later this year.
  • Ken O’Bara (‘79) retired on 4/30/2020.
  • Lance Hoffman (‘01) reports: I am still working the night shift in Fremont, NE in the ED at Methodist Fremont Health and have been for about 6 years. My wife, Heidi, is an inpatient nurse in Omaha on the Heart and Vascular Unit (CABG, LVAD, pacemakers, etc.) of Nebraska Medicine and really likes it. We have been married now for just over 22 years and have two sons, Alex and Conrad. Alex plays the trombone and is a music education major at Univ of NE-Lincoln intending to go on to become a symphonic conductor. He is starting his sophomore year in a week. Conrad just started his sophomore year at Millard West High School today. He is a saxophone player, but his career choice is wide open at this point. We travelled to the Black Hills of South Dakota not long ago looking to possibly relocate to that area in a few years after Conrad graduates from high school. We have two very energetic rescue dogs, both between about 2-3 years of age. Patches is a border collie mix and Spring is a heeler mix. They play very well together and help each other burn off the energy we can’t by walking them. Finally, we have a ridiculously old guinea pig named Sugar. She is over 7 years old and shows no signs of slowing down.
  • Will Beeler (‘17) reports: Not much new here. Survived the first wave a COVID in Chicago. I just started a new job with IEMS/AMITA in the West burbs, which so far has been a lot less hectic/more safe.
  • Dawn (Lewis) Zellner (‘09) reports: I am currently working in Greenville, SC at Bon Secours St. Francis.  I have recently been named as the director and start Sept. 1.  Greenville is a growing and popular city in Upstate SC.  We are currently building a new ER to better meet the needs of the community and have started plans to build a large free-standing ER just south of the city.  I have a 7 y.o. son, Jackson, and 5 y.o. identical twin daughters, Sadie and Pearl.  We live in a rural area in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains and have deer, turkeys, and bears as regular visitors.  During Covid, our mountain home and boat/nearby lake have made staying isolated very easy.
  • Stan Lawson (‘95) retired as of 8/1/20.
  • Sajid Khan (’08) reports: Maryam and I now have two daughters – Aleena and Aliza. Aleena is 5 years old and has already decided she wants to be an ‘ER doctor’ like us because ‘it’s the best job ever!’I had the good fortune of appearing in ‘Bad Boys for Life’ as a physician in a scene alongside Will Smith and Martin Lawrence. My Hollywood career was derailed due to COVID but there’s more to come
  • Blake Buchanan (’17): I’m in my second year as the Political Advocacy Director of Florida for USACS and I am the chair of the Government Affairs Committee for the Florida College of Emergency Physicians
  • Bryon Vogt (’18): Jessica and I got married earlier this year. I am still at Centerpoint at the moment.
  • Robert “Bob” Mueller (’77): worked in EM for 36 years in clinical and administrative roles, then Hospice and Palliative Medicine for 5 years; now retired and enjoying it.
  • Robert Edmonds (‘16):  I wrapped up my second year as medical director of Langley Air Force base’s ER and was PCS’ed (assigned) to Wright Patterson AFB out in Dayton, OH. The new job is a bit different, it’s non clinical work as a ground surgical team (GST) instructor. A GST is a six person crew (ER doc, general surgeon, anesthesiologist/CRNA, OR tech, nurse, and medical administrator) that gets placed in remote/austere settings to do damage control surgery on casualties that would otherwise miss the golden hour of surgery due to long transport times. It’s an interesting situation to place physicians into, as most of the resources we’re used to having in the hospital are absent. We also had our third child, John, in September.
  • Mark Holcomb (1978) reports “Same wife. Same home. Same group. Same friends. Good to be stuck in a groove.”
  • William Anderson (1980) retired from emergency medicine, but he continues to give back to the community as the volunteer woodshop director for a program helping troubled youth in Lawrence, Kansas.
  • John Hansen (1996) and his wife Janet became grandparents for the first time on July 7th with the arrival of Carter Joel Jensen.
  • Gina Ressler (1997) opened Signature Skin Care in August 2001. She opened her second practice, Advanced Ketamine Services in August 2019. She reports, “I’ve already treated my first patient for Treatment Resistant Depression. However, I am officially opening that corporation this next month. I very much wanted to return to my Emergency Medicine career path, but my stroke has prevented me from doing so. I think I’ll be happy treating patients for Treatment Resistant Depression, PTSD, Chronic Pain and Generalized Anxiety Disorder—where I can truly make a positive change in their life.”
  • Armand Sprechter (1997) continues to work at Médecins Sans Frontières Headquarters (since 2004). He reports that if any residents (or graduates) are interested in pursuing humanitarian medical work (e.g. MSF, IMC, etc.) or working with the Epidemic Intelligence Service (CDC), He would be happy to share my experiences.
  • Mark Vaughan (1999) co-started the primary care group: Auburn Medical Group in 2005. The Auburn Medical Group YouTube channel has 160,000 subscribers with over 100M views.
  • Darren Alexander (2000) loves outdoor life in the Pacific NW. All is well with his wife Meghan and three boys Henry, Roland, and Gus (14, 11, and 7).
  • Daphne Fullerton (2004) reports that after doing Physician Informatics for three years with Baylor, she became the ED Physician Informatics Domain Leader for BSWH-NTX in 2013. In 2018, she became an Epic Certified Physician Builder. She reports “I helping oversee the ED migration of the ten hospitals in my region to Epic this year. #doctornerd” She also shares this interesting piece of Truman history: “When I was at Truman, I helped make a web page for the residency. That was back in 2001, when there was neither Facebook nor twitter. Dial up was the only option. “
  • Robert Lam (2004) recently started as Director of Physician Wellness for UC Health Memorial Hospital; it has allowed him to continue to work on his passion for advocating for physician well-being. He continues to work clinically and teach medical students as part of the CU School of Medicine.
  • Katie Peraud (2008) and Dominic have three boys-Joey, Teddy, and Peter. She has been with her ER group for 10 years and serves as their sexual assault director.
  • Brad Kruse (2008) reports that he is an attending physician with Kansas Emergency Physicians (AdventHealth)
  • Aaron Barksdale (2008) reports that he is an Associate Professor and Vice Chair of Research at Nebraska.
  • Matt Sinnwell (2011) reports: “[I am] married to Jennifer Callison, D.O (Family Medicine). We have a lovely little almost three year-old daughter. Since residency, I have become involved in administrative roles and advocacy. I have become the medical director of 2 Emergency Departments and am currently serving as the Kansas ACEP President advocating for our specialty.”
  • Hoda Tavalali (2011) has recently participated in medical mission trips to Costa Rica and Panama.
    Tavalali, Hoda
  • Beau Butherus (2014) joined Missouri Task Force-1, a national FEMA Search and Rescue team this year.
  • Bob Edmonds (2016) became medical director of his ER after returning from a deployment to Afghanistan with the Air Force.
  • Blake Buchanan (2017) was promoted to Political Advocacy Director of Florida for US Acute Care Solutions
  • Paul Williams (2017) married Kate!
  • Lindsay Schwartz (2017) had a baby boy, Edwin Gerald, born in June.
    Edwin Gerald Schwartz
  • Bryon Vogt (2018) became engaged shortly after residency last year and is getting married this coming January.
  • Paul Williams (2017) has been living the dream in his hometown. Recently, he purchased a house and will be marrying Kate by the end of this year. He is working at a Mayo affiliated hospital and has recently been granted permission to do some shifts back at Truman. We are excited to have you back as an attending!
  • Bob Edmunds (2016) deployed to Afghanistan with the Air Force from October 2017 to April 2018.  In his free time he has presented on several episodes of The Skeptic’s Guide to Emergency Medicine.
  • Ted Sibley (2012) was appointed 2 new academic positions over the past year; Adjunct Assistant Professor for both the University of Minnesota and Wisconsin and Preceptor for all rotations in the ED at United Hospital in St. Paul. Also, his family has added #5 this past year to the family – Andrew Jose Sibley.
    Sibley, Andrew-Jose
  • Lance Hoffman (2001), reports that he has been practicing EM in Fremont, Nebraska at Fremont Health Medical Center for about 4 years now. His wife Heidi continues to work as an inpatient nurse on the Heart and Vascular unit at Nebraska Medicine in Omaha. Their son Alex will be starting his senior year of high school soon and is looking at undergraduate universities. He plays trombone and is one of the marching band drum majors. Their other son Conrad will be starting 8th grade and plays the saxophone. He loves watching reruns of The Office and mastering any video game he can.
  • Mark Vaughan (1999) is Medical Director of the Auburn Medical Group (Family Medicine) and serves on the Board of Sutter Independent Physicians IPA. He is also in pre-production for the completion of the first season of the medical drama web series, Madicine Woman, following the release of the two-part pilot.
  • Ralph Schutz (1987) will be retiring from clinical research/practice on August 31st of this year. With the added time, he hopes to attend (and drag along Dr. Emory) to more EM conferences at TMC (Ralph, we look forward to having you).
  • David Prickett (1981) and his wife, Vicki are moving to Lava Hot Springs, ID to be new grandparents. Congratulations!