Emergency Medicine

Clinical Pharmacy Information

Literature / Citations

Treatment Charts and Reference Material

  1. Intravenous anti-hypertensives chart
  2. “Bugs and Drugs” – Matching antibiotics to bacterial organisms
  3. Management of Sexually Transmitted Diseases and considerations for special populations (pregnancy, antibiotic allergy, etc.)
  4. Corticosteroid conversion table
  5. Medication allergy and cross-reactivitya. Beta-Lactam Cross Allergenicity
  6. Rapid Sequence Intubation – Medication chart and recommendations/pearls
  7. Sedation and analgesia in the intubated patient
  8. Urine drug screening – agents which may precipitate a false-positive
  9. Intravenous medications in the Emergency Department (chart)
  10. Commonly used medications which may prolong QT interval
  11. Treatment algorithm for status epilepticus
  12. Weight-Based versus Unit-Based Drips
  13. Intranasal Drug Delivery
  14. Intranasal Medication Dosing Chart
  15. Electrolyte replacement
  16. Prothrombin Complex Concentrate (PCC) information