Emergency Medicine

Residency: Application Information

General Information

We participate in the NRMP and therefore only accept applicants who apply through ERAS. The program prefers that applicants with previous training include a letter from their current/former Program Director acknowledging their support of the applicant’s applying to the program and attesting to the resident’s being/having been a resident in good standing. We do not have a specific cut-off date for applications; however, applicants are highly encouraged to apply no later than mid-October for the best chance to obtain an interview.

After reviewing completed ERAS applications, applicants are invited to interview. We review all applications that are received through ERAS. Interviews are held November through January, with both morning and afternoon sessions. In accordance with COPA and CORD recommendations,  we are planning on virtual interviews but plan to add an in-person second look opportunity.

Application review/interview invite process
  • While we do not have a minimum USMLE/COMLEX requirement for consideration, we prefer applicants who score at least at the mean for applicants across the country who match in EM through the NRMP for the previous year. We prefer applicants who have passed their exams on the first attempt. For Osteopathic students, USMLE is not required but it is preferred and strongly encouraged.
  • Typically, we require at least one SLOE from an academic EM program; two are preferred. Due to ongoing challenges with rotations due to COVID, we understand some students may have only one SLOE. Other letters should preferably be written in the SLOE format; see https://www.cordem.org/resources/residency-management/sloe/ for instructions. 
  • Applicants are reviewed on a holistic basis and we are making efforts to reduce any bias in our process. What does this entail?:
  • We plan to do our initial round of applicant reviews blinded to pictures and USMLE/COMLEX scores.
  • While a holistic review includes USMLE tests and grades/class rank, we also strongly consider LORs, other experiences/qualifications (such as service, leadership, research, etc.), and personal statements.
  • Applicant reviewers and interviewers take formal bias training.
  • Our goal is to find applicants who will be the best fit for our program!
  • Applications are reviewed by a committee prior to the decision to issue interview invitations. You may contact the residency coordinator, Ms. Christina Mayne, if you have any questions regarding the status of your application. However, due to the large volume of emails we receive it may not be possible to answer all individual questions.
  • We typically offer a few more interview spots than the schedule will accommodate; therefore, you are strongly urged to set up an interview date as soon as you get an invitation. If all our interview slots are full, we create a Waiting List. Please be advised that being placed on the Waiting List does not guarantee that you will get an interview. We will contact you as openings arise.
  • We use Interview Broker for scheduling interviews

In order to have ample time to thoroughly review the substantial number of high-quality applications received, we plan to begin issuing interview invitations on a rolling basis, beginning on the unified release date, October 19th.

Interview processs
  • Mondays and Fridays from mid-November through mid-January excluding holiday weeks. We plan to offer morning and afternoon sessions.
  • Our interview process for 2022-2023 will include virtual interviews with an opportunity for an in-person second look in early February. The second look will NOT be used for any evaluative purpose, and we plan to compile our rank list prior to these events. 
  • Here are some things you can expect on the virtual interview day:  you will meet and hear from the PD, have interviews with several faculty and residents and have the opportunity to attend a Q & A with several residents. You will have access to a virtual tour and other information about the residency. You will be interviewed by the Program Director, either an Associate or Assistant Program Director, an additional faculty member, and one of our Chief Residents. You are encouraged to meet some of our current residents at a virtual mixer the night before.
  • We do not allow applicants to shadow in the department before/after interviews secondary to required hospital HIPPA training.