Emergency Medicine

Resident Research Listing

All residents are required to complete a research project during their residency which is presented in an annual residency research day.  Residents take CITI certification to perform research as part of their training. CITI training is the information module on human subjects’ protection. Our monthly journal club provides education to the residents regarding formulating research questions, methodology, and data analysis.  All residents have a faculty advisor on their project to provide mentorship.

Senior Research Day at Truman Medical Center, Department of Emergency Medicine


  • Cody Baker, MD: Ketorolac and Diazepam: Is combination therapy with long-acting benzodiazepine and NSAID superior to NSAID alone in theEmergency Department setting for MSK pain? Melanie Camejo, MD; Monica Gaddis, PhD
  • Chris Erikson, DO: Time-to-Discharge Pre and Post Implementation of High-Sensitivity Cardiac Troponins at a Level 1 Inner City Hospital Angela Bogle, MD; Monica Gaddis, PhD, Laurie Kemble, BHSRT, CCRC
  • Ryan Krempels, MD: Clinical Decision Rules and the Public Perception Canadian CT Head Rule– Melanie Camejo, MD; Monica Gaddis, PhD
  • Peter Lampe, MD: COVID19 Screening and Surveillance: A study of the Kansas City Fire Department First Responders – EMS/KCFD Erica Carney, MD, Michelle Shearer and Dr. Gaddis, PhD
  • Jonathan Lyons, DO: Rabies Research Consortium Brandon Elder, MD, Kevin O’Rourke, MD, Monica Gaddis, PhD, Laurie Kemble, BHSRT, CCRC
  • Brian Opferman, MD: Emergency Medicine Resident Point-of-Care Ultrasound Skills with Focused Assessment with Sonography for Trauma: A PilotCurriculum Study Incorporating Computer-Based Simulation Emily Hillman, MD, Andrew Balk, MD, Kevin O’Rourke, MD, Monica Gaddis, PhD, Laurie Kemble BHSRT, CCRC
  • Nathan Rider, MD: ACLS During Traumatic Cardiac Arrest Interferes with Life-Saving Interventions: An Analysis of a Level I Trauma Center Melanie Camejo, MD, Tyler Haas, MD, Monica Gaddis, PhD, Laurie Kemble, BHSRT, CCRC
  • Jeremy Serreyn, DO: Trauma in Low Resource Settings-Brandon Elder , MD
  • Matthew Whitton, MD: Clinical Decision Rules and the Public Perception: Ottawa Ankle Rules-Melanie Camejo, MD, Monica Gaddis, PhD, LaurieKemble, BHSRT, CCRC
  • Riley Williams, MD: Does Resident Education Impact In-House Spanish Interpreter Use in the UH-TMC Emergency Department? Kevin O’Rourke, MD, Monica Gaddis, PhD
  • Hunter Winstead, MD: In-situ Mock Trauma Program: Initiation, Lessons Learned, and Next Steps– Emily Hillman, MD, Monica Gaddis, PhD,  Dr.Dustin Neel, MD, Andrea Hawk, RN, Kaleena Swingle-Bauck, CRNA, Caitlyn Mapel, Marcquis Zweifel
  • James Arpin: Antibiotic Prescription Practices For Uncomplicated Pyelonephritis From The Emergency Department. James Arpin, MD; Amy Stubbs, MD; Monica Gaddis, PhD
  • Phi Dinh: Safe And Regular Use Of Haloperidol As An Antiemetic In The ED Phi Dinh, DO; Melanie Camejo, MD; Monica Gaddis, PhD
  • Daniel Thorsteinson: Do Patients With Mild Traumatic Brain Injury With Loss Of Consciousness And A Normal Head CT Progress To Clinically Significant Neurologic Deterioration While In The Hospital. Daniel Thorsteinson, DO; Kevin O’Rourke, MD; Monica Gaddis, PhD
  • Matt Twillman: One and Done: Decadron in Asthma Exacerbation. Matt Twillman, DO; Melanie Camejo, MD; Monica Gaddis, PhD
  • Patrick Brown: A Graduate Medical Education Simulation-Based Mastery Learning and Deliberate Practice Curriculum Intervention Improves Central Line Competency Across Disciplines. Patrick Brown, DO; Kumar Gayathri, MD; Monica Gaddis, PhD; Emily Hillman, MD
  • Sean Typher: Evaluating The Effect Of Education On Physician Usage And Perception Of Cerner’s ED LaunchPoint. Sean Typher, MD; Kevin O’Rourke, MD; Monica Gaddis, PhD
  • Jarret Gardner: Comparison of Triage for Patients Presenting with Acute Coronary Syndrome. Jarret Gardner, DO; Amy Stubbs, MD; Monica Gaddis, PhD
  • Abigail Halleron: The Role Of Susceptibility And Differential Biological Pathways With COVID-19 Disease Severity In Health Disparity Populations – An Assessment Of Medications For Co-Morbidities And Severity Of COVID-19. Abigail Halleron, MD; Amy Stubbs, MD; Monica Gaddis, PhD
  • Karl Hesson: Rates Of Antibiotic Prescriptions For Patients Who Received A Test For COVID-19 In The ED. Karl Hesson MD; Monica Gaddis, PhD; Jerry Wyckoff, PhD; Suman Suhil
  • Brendan Kurtz: Does Monocyte Distribution Width Improve Sepsis Screening in the ED? Brendan Kurtz, MD; Charlie Inboriboon, MD; Kevin O’Rourke, MD; Monica Gaddis, PhD
  • Matthew Cook: An Approach for Standardized Ultrasound Training for Resident Physicians. Matthew Cook, MD; Melanie Camejo, MD; Monica Gaddis, PhD
  • Ashley Borden, DO: A Knowledge Survey of Mass Casualty Incident Preparedness by Pre-Hospital Providers (Monica Gaddis, PhD; Erica Carney, MD)
  • Sean Mark, MD: Examining the effect of Emergency Department Interim Orders In Improving ED throughput (Kevin O’Rourke, MD; Monica Gaddis, PhD)
  • Joshua Abernathy, MD: Did a National Shortage of Hydromorphone Affect Hospital Admission Rates in Patients with Sickle Cell Disease? (Kevin O’Rourke, MD; Monica Gaddis, PhD; Laurie Kemble)
  • Jesal Amin, MD: Are Patients That Meet Sepsis Criteria Safe for Discharge? (Charlie Inboriboon, MD; Monica Gaddis, PhD)
  • Bradley Beran, DO: Effectiveness of Non-Transport Emergency Medical Services Units in Emergency Medical Technician Field Experience. (P. Ganss, L. Kemble, B. Beran, M. Gaddis, D. Schwindt, E. Hillman)
  • German Candanedo, MD: Difference in Time to Get CT with Contrast vs CT without Contrast After Protocol Requesting BMP Prior to Contrast Administration (Andrew Balk, MD; Monica Gaddis, PhD)
  • Benjamin Cross, MD: Perspectives on Diversity from Applicants to the UMKC Emergency Medicine Program (Melanie Camejo, MD; Monica Gaddis, PhD; Laurie Kemble)
  • James O’Brien, MD: A Review of Emergency Department Outpatient Antibiotic Selection for Urinary Tract Infections (Monica Gaddis, PhD; Kevin O’Rourke, MD)
  • Ashley Olson, DO: To Teach or Not To Teach, That is the Question: A Study Comparing Traditional Lectures & 5 Minute Videos To Assess
  • Medical Students’ EM Knowledge and Lecture Preference (Melanie Camejo, MD; Monica Gaddis, PhD; Stefanie Ellison, MD; Emily Hillman, MD)
  • James Tiehen, MD: A Standardized Procedure for Handoff of the Trauma Patient from the Field (Erica Carney, MD; Monica Gaddis, PhD)
  • Amanda Wavrin, DO: Improving Compliance with use of a Central Line Checklist to Reduce Central Line Associated Bacterial Infections: A Study Utilizing the PDSA Cycle (Emily Hillman, MD; Monica Gaddis, PhD)
    • Amanda Augustine, M.D., Jay Reich, MD; Erica Carney, MD; Dr. Monica Gaddis, Ph.D.: Prehospital Provider Assessment of “Chest Pain” and Incidence of Acute Coronary Syndrome
    • Josef Beauvais, M.D., Matt Gratton, MD; Sean Gratton, MD; Monica Gaddis, Ph.D.: Trends in ED Management of Adult Non-Traumatic Headache: A Cerner Health Facts Database Analysis
    • Clarence Dye, M.D., Amy Stubbs, MD; Dr. Monica Gaddis, Ph.D.: Evaluation of Utilizing Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT) in the Emergency Department
    • Kristoph Haak, M.D., Kevin O’Rourke, MD; Monica Gaddis, Ph.D.: Evaluation of Post Splint Xray Usage in the Emergency Department
    • Liliya Kraynov, M.D., Erica Carney, MD; Dr. Monica Gaddis, Ph.D.: Neurologic Outcomes of Trauma Patients Placed in Cervical Immobilization: A Retrospective Review of an Inner City Urban Emergency Department
    • Taylor Neff, M.D., Charlie Inboriboon, MD; Monica Gaddis, Ph.D.; Laurie Kemble: Theme of the Month Presentation Type Preference and Willingness to Incorporate Online Learning Survey Study
    • Jared Norman, D.O., Adam Algren, MD; Dr. Monica Gaddis, Ph.D.: Theme of the Month Presentation Type Preference and Willingness to Incorporate Online Learning Survey Study
    • Grace Ortman, M.D., Erica Carney, MD; Dr. Monica Gaddis, Ph.D.: The Public Awareness Project: Correlating Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest with Socioeconomic Factors
    • Charles Spencer, M.D., Angela Bogle, MD; Dr. Monica Gaddis, Ph.D.: Retrospective Analysis of Adenosine Dosing, Efficacy and Adverse Drug Events for Supraventricular Tachycardia in the Emergency Department and Hospital-wide
    • Kevin Tran, M.D., Dr. Monica Gaddis, Ph.D.; Dr. Jeremy P. Hampton, Pharm.D., BCPS: Administration of Sedation and Analgesia Following Neuromuscular Blockade in the Emergency Department
    • Wesley Winn, M.D., Michael Christian, MD; Monica Gaddis, Ph.D.; Laurie Kemble: Attitudes of Patients, Family and Staff Toward the Use of Metal Detectors in the Emergency Department
      • Michael H. Bambenek, M.D., Kevin O’Rourke M.D.: Effects of KC-ATC on Psychiatric Visits to the TMC ED
      • Jeffrey M, Beckett, M.D., Charlie Inboriboon M.D., Kevin O’Rourke, M.D., Monica Gaddis PhD: Swinging the Swing: Outcomes from Changing Swing Time Resident Coverage
      • Jimmy DeMeo, D.O., Stefanie Ellison, M.D.: Inaugural UMKC All Health Profession Schools Interprofessional Education Class: It is Everyone’s Role to Provide Safe Patient Care
      • Nicholas Evans, M.D., Erica Carney, M.D., Monica Gaddis PhD: A Knowledge Survey of Disaster Response at Truman Medical Center
      • Jason Hurt, M.D., Amy Stubbs, M.D., Monica Gaddis PhD: Undertriage of Chest Pain in Females
      • Kathryn Ottman, M.D., Charlie Inboriboon, M.D., Monica Gaddis PhD: The Effect of Language Barrier on Prescribing Pain Medication for Patients Presenting to ED with Flank Pain
      • William Zachary Petry, M.D., Charlie Inboriboon, M.D.: Intra-Residency Dashboard: A Human Factors Evaluation And Development Of An Online Residency Organizational Resource And Orientation Website
      • Paul A. Toigo Jr. D.O., Erica Carney, M.D., Monica Gaddis PhD: Description of Emergency Medical Services High Utilizers of Ambulance Transport In a Large Urban Fire Department
      • Nicholas J. Smith, D.O., Erica Carney, M.D.: Characteristics of a bounceback. What features of refusal make someone likely to use the EMS system within 24 hours of refusal and how often does this occur?
      • Bryon Keith Vogt, D.O., Charlie Inboriboon, M.D., Emily Hillman, M.D., Elliot Fried, M.D.: Exploring Paramedic-Physician Handoff Communication During the Care of the Critically-Ill: A Mixed Methods Study
      • Ryan Bachman DO, Adam Algren MD, Monica Gaddis PhD: Hack Impairment Index
      • William Beeler MD, Mike Weaver MD, Monica Gaddis PhD: Utility of Transgender Sensitivity Training in Medical Care Providers and Learners
      • Blake Buchanan MD, Charlie Inboriboon MD, Monica Gaddis PhD: Utilization of an Online Educational Website for Emergency Medicine Residents
      • Brandon Elder MD, Emily Hillman MD, Charlie Inboriboon MD: Emergency Medicine Resident and Medical Student Technology Use During the Care of Critical Patients: A High Fidelity Simulation Study
      • Brian Freeman DO, Kevin O’Rourke MD, Monica Gaddis PhD: Treatment of Allergy and Anaphylaxis
      • Craig Hirsch MD, Amy Stubbs MD, Emily Hillman MD, Monica Gaddis PhD: Implementation of a Multi-source Feedback Tool For Nursing Assessment of Emergency Medicine Resident Performance
      • Melissa Howard MD, Michael Puskarich MD, Monica Gaddis PhD: Post-antibiotic Hypotension in Sepsis
      • Lindsay Schwartz DO, Matthew Gratton MD, Monica Gaddis PhD: Procedures Performed by Faculty in a Teaching Hospital: A Retrospective Review of an Academic Medical Center
      • Adam Stuppy MD, Amy Stubbs MD, Monica Gaddis PhD: Comparison of Patient Satisfaction and Need for Narcotic Pain Medicine When Using Loop Drainage vs. Traditional Incision and Drainage for Abscess
      • Katherine Willet MD, Kevin O’Rourke MD, Monica Gaddis PhD: Over-antibiotic Use in Sinusitis and Ways to Decrease Inappropriate Antibiotics
      • Paul Williams DO, Adam Algren MD: Tylenol and Salicylates in the Suicidal Patient; A Single Center Retrospective Study Using the i2b2 Database
      • Abby Blackman MD, Farshad Farnejad MD, Nicole Kibbee MD : Does a Chest CT After a Normal Chest X-ray in Patients with Blunt Trauma Alter Patient Outcomes?
      • Shelley Bridgford MD, Christine Sullivan MD, Charlie Inboriboon MD Transitions in Care:  When Words Can Save Lives
      • Elliott Fried MD, Emily Hillman MD, Charlie Inboriboon MD: Paramedic Physician Transfer of Care
      • Bob Edmonds MD, Jay Reich MD: Prehospital Provider Assessment of “Chest Pain” Chief Complaint as Noncardiac
      •  Jeff Hassenflug MD, Kevin O’Rourke MD: Observational Study of Two CT Outages at Truman Medical Center Emergency Department
      • Samantha Nohava MD, Ryan Jacobsen MD: The Use of EMS and ER Services in the Inmate Population: Part I.
      • Melina Keithly DO, Ryan Jacobsen MD: The Use of EMS and ER Services in the Inmate Population:  Part II
      • Ravi J. Patel DO, Emily Hillman MD: Creation of an “E-Clerkship:” Utilizing an Ipad Tablet Device to Streamline Course Delivery and Encourage Self-Directed Learning
      • Hunter White, Amy Stubbs MD, Emily Hillman MD:  E-Tours:  An Alternate Way to Orient EM Clerkship Students and Rotators.
      • Emily Roth MD, Jeffrey Hackman MD, Matt Gratton MD: The Effect on Disposition Time of a Nurse-Initiated Chest Pain Protocol
      • John Buckner MD, Stefanie Ellison MD:  Procedural Curriculum for Lumbar Puncture and Central Line in a Required Emergency Medicine Clerkship
      • Amy Doll MD, Gary Gaddis MD PhD. Monica Gaddis PhD: Understanding the Ability to Implement the Full Electronic Health Record Without Decrease in Physician Clinical Efficiency
      • Josh Honeyman DO, Srikala Subramanian MD: Patient Discharge Instructions:  Factors That Improve Patient Understanding and Compliance
      • Dustin Keffer DO, Gary Salzman MD: Evaluation of the Pulmonary Embolism Rule-Out Criteria in a Retrospective Cohort at an Urban Academic Hospital
      • Chris Morrison MD, Emily Hillman MD, Charlie Inboriboon MD:  EMS Transfer of Care
      • Grady Thiems MD, Charlie Inboriboon MD: The Effect of Case-Based Discussion on the Financial Literacy of Emergency Medicine Physicians
      • Katie Thompson DO, Angela Bogle MD:  How Effective are Emergency Medicine Physicians at Empirically Treating Women Whose Culture Result From That Visit Tests Positive for Gonorrhea and/or Chlamydia?
      • Vanessa Welbern MD, Emily Hillman MD, Stefanie Ellison MD, Monica Gaddis PhD:  Do ED-Distributed Pain Medications Prevent Repeat ED Presentations for Acute Back Pain?  A Retrospective Review
      • Derek Yarmer MD, Emily Hillman MD, Charlie Inboriboon MD: Use of Internet and Smart Phone Resources by Physicians in the Management of Emergent Patients:  A High-Fidelity Simulation Study
      • Eric Canaday DO/Michael Christian MD: Unusual diagnosis in patient with proptosis
      • Allen Davied MD/Amy Stubbs MD: Does using ultrasound improve confidence in placing peripheral IVs?
      • Stephanie Lewis MD/Sajid Khan MD: Typhilitis-Neutropenic-Enterocolitis
      • Ryan White MD/Gary Gaddis MD PhD: Do individual-level socioeconomic status variables function similarly within self-identified black and white cohorts to predict post-myocardial infarction outcomes disparities?
      • Beau Butherus MD/Charlie Inboriboon MD: HIV screening in the ED
      • Erica Carney MD/Ryan Jacobsen MD: Why EMS transports from prison/jail to the emergency department and what happens to them?
      • Jim Hall MD/Jay Reich MD/Ryan Jacobsen MD: EMS refusal of transport: reasons and results
      • Thomas Hindsley MD/Steven Go MD/Charlie Inboriboon MD: The prevalence and clinical significance of coagulopathy in chest pain patients
      • Rob McCullough MD/Charlie Inboriboon MD: Financial literacy among EM physicians
      • Aaron Stinton MD/Jay Reich MD: EMS behavioral emergencies
      • David Tarullo MD/Adam Algren MD/Ryan Jacobsen MD: Two successive necrotic lesions secondary to presumed loxosceles envenomation
      • Bryson Bowman MD: Transaminase and Creatine Levels in Acetaminophen Overdose and Rhabdomyolysis.
      • Scott Campbell DO:  Outcomes of EMS Patients Directly Transported from the Field to a Psychiatric Facility-A Retrospective Chart Review.
      • David Darmsteadter MD: Asthma Protocol
      • Seth Ilgenfritz MD: Acute Rheumatic Fever: Case Report and Review for the Emergency Medicine Physician
      • Anne Jacobsen MD:  Emergency Department Propofol Study Examining Dosing Regimens and Adverse Outcomes
      • Chris Ralph MD: Weapons in the ED
      • Jennifer Robertson MD: Emergency Medical Service Use of Intravenous Calcium and Determination of Patient Outcomes.
      • Andrew Russell MD: Identification of Hyperkalemia in a Prehospital Setting.
      • Caroline Smith MD: Outcomes of Prisoners Transported by EMS to the Emergency Department.
      • David Whitmer DO: Providing Pregnancy-Related Materials in an Academic Emergency Department.
      • David Biller MD: Complications of Prehospital Spinal Immobilization
      • Michael Donohue MD: The Effect of the Electronic Medical Record on ED Throughput
      • Sandeep Guttikonda MD: Spotlight on the TMC Social Services Program
      • Aaron Kaus MD:  Perceptions of Patient Handoff
      • Jennifer Kimbrell MD: Evaluation of Continuous Chest Compression-Cardiocerebral Resuscitation Outcomes for Patients with Non-Primary Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest
      • Antoinette Koomson MD: STEMI (ST Elevation Myocardial Infarction) and CARDIAC ARREST in the Kansas City Metropolitan Area: Morbidity and Mortality as Related to Mode of Presentation
      • Julie Rowell MD: Compliance with Providing Pregnancy Education and Prenatal Vitamins in an Academic Emergency Department
      • Sarah Sartain MD: Emergency Medicine Resident Competency Assessment in Interpretation of Fundamental Emergency Ultrasound Applications
      • Ted Sibley MD:  Bilateral Patellar Tendon Ruptures Without Predisposing Disease or Steroid Use:  A Case Report and Review of the Literature
      • Jennifer von Fintel MD: Suicide Screening in the Emergency Department
      • Blair Cote MD: Emergency Department Propofol Study Examining Dosing Regimens of Propofol on Efficacy and Adverse Outcomes
      • Josh Hillen MD: Evaluation of a Rapid HIV Screening Program in the Emergency Department
      • Emily Hillman MD: Resident-Nursing Communication
      • Ryan Hunsel MD: What is the Efficacy of CT Use in Patients with Confirmed Nephrolithiasis and a Negative UA for Blood?
      • Matt Lockwood MD: Distribution of Board-Certified Emergency Medicine Physicians in the State of Kansas
      • Curt McGeeney MD: Comparison of Emergency Department Patients Who Receive One Head CT versus Multiple Head CTs at an Academic Urban Hospital
      • Jacob Ruthstrom MD: Recognition and Treatment of Anaphylaxis by EMS Providers: Results of a National Survey
      • Matt Sinnwell MD: Do Patients Who Leave During Their ED Care and Return Have Serious Illness?
      • Hoda Tavalali MD: Post Intubation Sedation Order Set
      • Tony Bonin MD:  A Multidisciplinary Survey of Resident Wellness
      • Chris Carlson MD:  ED Procedures and Billing
      • Adam Chick MD:  EKG 101
      • David Hobley MD:  Using Ability to Ambulate as a Nursing Triage Tool in Ankle Injuries
      • Luke Morris DO:  High-Frequency Oscillatory Ventilation to Facilitate Healing in Bronchopleural Fistula:  A Case Report
      • Swetha Sridhar MD:  Utility of Serum Acetaminophen, Salicylate, Alcohol, and Urine Drug Screens in the Evaluation of Psychiatric Patients in the Emergency Department
      • Shawn Stanley MD:  Metal Detectors: Workplace Safety or Infringement of Rights?
      • Tim Stebbins MD:  Survival Data After Cardiac Arrest Using Prehospital Continuous Cardiac Compression (CCC) Protocol
      • Beau Watts MD:  Management of Suboptimal INR in the ED


Robert M Elenbaas PharmD Research Award:
    • 2021 Brendan Kurtz, M.D.
    • 2020 Ashley Borden, D.O.
    • 2019 Liliya Kraynov, M.D.
    • 2018 Paul Toigo, D.O.
    • 2017 Ryan Bachman, D.O.
    • 2016 Ravi Patel, D.O.
    • 2015 Dustin Keffer D.O. and Vanessa Welbern M.D.
    • 2014 David Tarullo, M.D. and Ryan White, M.D.
    • 2013 Scott Campbell, D.O. and Anne Jacobsen, M.D.
    • 2012 David Biller, M.D.
    • 2011 Matt Lockwood, M.D.
    • 2010 Tim Stebbins MD and Shawn Stanley MD