October 2021

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Booster Shots - A quarterly newsletter for parents and friends of the UMKC School of Medicine
In this issue: InDOCtrination, White Coat ceremonies mark transitions
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Leadership changes

The UMKC School of Medicine Friends Group sends a huge “thank you” to Shanna Kimmis, our outgoing president, and welcomes Dr. Susan Storm as our new president.

Shanna has provided years of service to the Friends, enthusiastically planning and promoting events, connecting with other parents and helping other School of Medicine families. Her son, Brooks Kimmis, graduated in May, so she is passing the baton to Dr. Storm, a 1986 graduate of the school’s 6-year program.

It would be hard to find anyone more qualified than Dr. Storm, who has been the Friends’ vice president. She has been a Year 1 docent at the school, a member of the pediatrics faculty and associated with Children’s Mercy for many years, along with founding a practice. She has two students in the School of Medicine, Shane, a Year 5 student, and Sarah, a Year 1 student.

Please join me in thanking Shanna for her service and welcoming Dr. Storm to the Friends’ presidency.

Fred Schlichting
Director of Advancement, UMKC School of Medicine



Back-to-school’s busy times

Interim Dean Jackson at UMKC SOM Year One Move In DayThough School of Medicine students don’t take the summer off, campus activities – and excitement – pick up this time of year. From move-in day and inDOCtrination for first-year students to the White Coat Ceremony for third-years, activities and ceremonies mark these beginnings and transitions. Fourth-year students look forward to DoRo, their first time seeing hospital patients with their docent and residents. New fifth-years become senior partners for someone in their docent units. For sixth-years, the quest for just the right residency picks up, and Match Day and graduation don’t seem quite so far away.

Whether first-hand with your son or daughter in the School of Medicine, or through these stories, we hope you shared in this excitement.



Student support services enhanced

The School of Medicine has added WellConnect to its student support services. The program provides 24-hour phone and online access to help with mental health, legal and financial issues. Niloofar Shahmohammadi, the school’s wellness coordinator, said her regular 10-minute wellness checkups with first- and second-year students showed her that many students could use more counseling help, and WellConnect can provide that.



We’ll see you Family Weekend!

Each fall for UMKC Family Weekend, Sept. 28-30, UMKC opens its doors to families and friends and invites everyone to attend events around campus and throughout Kansas City. The weekend includes events just right for mingling, meeting other parents and serving the School of Medicine and the wider community. Read about all the campus and citywide activities here. Especially be sure to join us for UMKC Service Day, 9 a.m. Saturday, Sept. 29, capped by a barbecue lunch at 11:30 a.m. put on by the Friends.



Join us or renew

Friends MixerThe Friends group is open to all parents or guardians of students, School of Medicine alumni and others interested in furthering the school’s mission. We’re committed to helping you connect with other parents and friends, keep informed about activities at the school and support our students as they become the next generation of physicians and other health care professionals.

Joining the Friends of the UMKC School of Medicine is easy, as is renewing your Friend membership. Just click here.

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