Faculty, alumni featured on ‘Best Doctors Kansas City’ list

UMKC-SOM-LogoMore than 170 School of Medicine faculty members and alumni have been identified by their peers as the top physicians in the Kansas City metropolitan area.

The Kansas City Business Journal publishes a “Best Doctors Kansas City” list. The list is excerpted from the “Best Doctors in America 2015-16” database, which is compiled and maintained by Boston-based Best Doctors Inc. Founded in 1989, Best Doctors asks physicians to identify the doctors they consider the leaders in their field. The company says it is the largest ongoing, peer-reviewed survey in the medical industry.

UMKC School of Medicine faculty members and alumni ranked by specialty are (alumni are noted in boldface; ^ denotes alumni-faculty):

Allergy and Immunology: Jay M. Portnoy, Children’s Mercy; Lanny J. Rosenwasser, Children’s Mercy

Cardiovascular Disease: Timothy M. Bateman, Saint Luke’s Health System; Andrew C. Kao, Saint Luke’s Health System; James H. O’Keefe Jr., Saint Luke’s Health System; Barry D. Rutherford, Saint Luke’s Health System; Ibrahim M. Saeed, Saint Luke’s Health System; John A. Spertus, Saint Luke’s Health System; Tracy Stevens^, ’90, Saint Luke’s Health System

Colon and Rectal Surgery: Lina O’Brien, Saint Luke’s Health System

Dermatology: John C. Hall, Saint Luke’s Health System

Endocrinology and Metabolism: Leland Graves III, ’83, University of Kansas Medical Center; Mitchell S. Hamburg, Saint Luke’s Health System; Richard Hellman, North Kansas City Hospital; Lamont G. Weide, Truman Medical Centers

Family Medicine: Jane L. Murray, Truman Medical Centers; Gary A. Thompson, Saint Luke’s Health System

Gastroenterology: Mark J. Allen, Saint Luke’s Health System; Wendell Clarkston^, ’84, Saint Luke’s Health System; John H. Helzberg, Saint Luke’s Health System; Sreenivasa Jonnalagadda, Saint Luke’s Health System

Geriatric Medicine: Peter S. Holt, Saint Luke’s Health System

Geriatric Medicine/Hospice and Palliative Medicine: Richard E. Butin, Truman Medical Centers

Hepatology: Bradley L. Freilich, ’88, Kansas City Gastroenterology & Hepatology; John H. Helzberg, Saint Luke’s Health System

Infectious Disease: Micharl R. Driks, Baptist Medical Center

Internal Medicine: James B. Bautz, Saint Luke’s Health System; Richard E. Butin, Truman Medical Centers; C. Douglas Cochran^, ’88, Saint Luke’s Health System; Sam D. Hoeper Jr., Research Medical Center; Richard W. Lustig, Saint Luke’s Health System; James A. Maliszewski, Research Medical Center; John J. May, Saint Luke’s Health System; Robert E. Neihart, Saint Luke’s Health System; Rebecca Pauly, Truman Medical Centers; J. Chris Perryman, Saint Luke’s Health System; Stephen C. Salanski, Baptist Medical Center; Carol Stanford^, ’79, Truman Medical Centers; Matthew B. Sutton^, ’92, Saint Luke’s Health System; Ann E. Warner, Saint Luke’s Health System

Internal Medicine/Hospital Medicine: Sally Ling, Saint Luke’s Health System; David Wooldridge^, ’94, Saint Luke’s Health System

Medical Oncology & Hematology: Verda J. Hunter-Hicks, Research Medical Center; Kelly B. Pendergrass, Research Medical Center; Timothy J. Pluard, Saint Luke’s Health System

Nephrology: Walter L. Bender, Research Medical Center; Robert E. Golder^, ’91, Menorah Medical Center; Jim I. Mertz, Saint Luke’s Health System; Richard S. Muther, Baptist Medical Center

Neurology: Richard J. Barohn, ’80, University of Kansas Medical Center; Charles L. Weinstein, Saint Luke’s Health System

Obstetrics & Gynecology: Verda Hunter-Hicks, Research Medical Center; Frederick B. Lintecum, Saint Luke’s Health System; Timothy J. Martin, ’85, Women’s Healthcare Group; M. Kathleen Stone^, ’80, Overland Park Regional Medical Center; Tom G. Sullivan, Truman Medical Centers; John D. Yeast, Saint Luke’s Health System

Ophthalmology: William A. Godfrey, University of Kansas Medical Center

Orthopaedic Surgery: Timothy M. Badwey, Saint Luke’s Health System; Dan M. Gurba, Saint Luke’s Health System; Howard G. Rosenthal, University of Kansas Cancer Center

Otolaryngology: Terance T. Tsue, University of Kansas Medical Center

Pediatric Allergy & Immunology: Chitra Dinakar, Children’s Mercy; Paul Dowling Jr., Children’s Mercy; Jay M. Portnoy, Children’s Mercy

Pediatric Cardiac Surgery: James O’Brien Jr., Children’s Mercy; James D. St. Louis, Children’s Mercy

Pediatric Cardiology: Mark C. Gelatt, Children’s Mercy; Girish S. Shirali, Children’s Mercy

Pediatric Clinical Genetics: Holly H. Ardinger, Children’s Mercy

Pediatric Critical Care: Geoffrey L. Allen, Children’s Mercy; Erica A. Molitor-Kirsch, Children’s Mercy; John F. Sommerauer, Children’s Mercy; Kelly Tieves, Children’s Mercy

Pediatric Dermatology: Kimberly A. Horii, Children’s Mercy; Amy Jo Nopper, Children’s Mercy

Pediatric Emergency Medicine: Gregory P. Conners, Children’s Mercy; M. Denise Dowd, Children’s Mercy; Laura S. Fitzmaurice, Children’s Mercy; Milton A. Fowler Jr., Children’s Mercy; Lisa Schroeder^, ’89 , Children’s Mercy; Thomas W. Tryon, Children’s Mercy

Pediatric Endocrinology: Jill D. Jacobson, Children’s Mercy; Wayne V. Moore, Children’s Mercy

Pediatric Gastroenterology: Ruba Abdelhadi, Children’s Mercy; James F. Daniel, Children’s Mercy; Craig A. Friesen, Children’s Mercy; Joel D. Lim, Children’s Mercy; Charles C. Roberts, Children’s Mercy

Pediatric Hematology-Oncology: Keith J. August, Children’s Mercy; Shannon Carpenter, Children’s Mercy; Alan S. Gamis, Children’s Mercy; Maxine Hetherington, Children’s Mercy; Karen B. Lewing, Children’s Mercy; Brian M. Wicklund, Children’s Mercy; Gerald M. Woods, Children’s Mercy

Pediatric Infectious Disease: Denise Bratcher, Children’s Mercy; Christopher J. Harrison, Children’s Mercy; Mary Anne Jackson^, ’78, Children’s Mercy; Jason Newland, Children’s Mercy; Douglas S. Swanson, Children’s Mercy

Pediatric Medical Genetics: Holly H. Ardinger, Children’s Mercy

Pediatric Nephrology: Uri S. Alon, Children’s Mercy; Douglas Blowey, Children’s Mercy; Bradley A. Warady, Children’s Mercy

Pediatric Neurological Surgery: Steven M. Shapiro, Children’s Mercy

Pediatric Ophthalmology: Scott E. Olitsky, Children’s Mercy

Pediatric Orthopaedic Surgery: John T. Anderson, Children’s Mercy; Richard M. Schwend, Children’s Mercy

Pediatric Otolaryngology: Pamela J. Nicklaus, Children’s Mercy; Robert A. Weatherly, Children’s Mercy

Pediatric Pain Management: Brian S. Carter, Children’s Mercy

Pediatric Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation: Ann Modrcin, Children’s Mercy; Robert J. Rinaldi, Children’s Mercy

Pediatric Plastic Surgery: Jeffrey A. Goldstein, Children’s Mercy

Pediatric Pulmonology: Robert C. Beckerman, Children’s Mercy; Philip Black, Children’s Mercy; Terrence Carver Jr.^, ’90, Children’s Mercy; Hugo Escobar, Children’s Mercy; Jane B. Taylor, Children’s Mercy

Pediatric Rheumatology: Mara Becker, Children’s Mercy; Cara M. Hoffart, Children’s Mercy

Pediatric Sleep Medicine: Robert C. Beckerman, Children’s Mercy

Pediatric Specialist/Adolescent and Young Adult Medicine: Daryl A. Lynch, Children’s Mercy

Pediatric Specialist/Child and Adolescent Psychiatry: J. Robert Batterson^, ’87, Children’s Mercy

Pediatric Specialist/Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine: Brian S. Carter, Children’s Mercy; Linda Gratny, Children’s Mercy; Howard W. Kilbride, Children’s Mercy; Winston Manimtim, Children’s Mercy; Steven L. Olsen, Children’s Mercy; Eugenia K. Pallotto, Children’s Mercy; Jotishna Sharma, Children’s Mercy; William E. Truog, Children’s Mercy

Pediatric Specialist/Neurology, Epilepsy: Ahmed T. Abdelmoity, Children’s Mercy

Pediatric Specialist/Neurology, General: Jennifer Bickel^, ’01 , Children’s Mercy; Jean-Baptiste Le Pichon, Children’s Mercy

Pediatric Specialist/Neurology, Movement Disorders: Jean-Baptiste Le Pichon, Children’s Mercy

Pediatric Surgery: Richard Hendrickson, Children’s Mercy; George Holcomb III, Children’s Mercy; Shawn D. St. Peter, Children’s Mercy

Pediatric Transplant Hepatology: James F. Daniel, Children’s Mercy

Pediatric Urology: J. Patrick Murphy, Children’s Mercy

Pediatrics/General: John D. Cowden, Children’s Mercy; Angela D. Etzenhouser, Children’s Mercy; Pooja T. French^, ’07, Children’s Mercy; Sara E. Gardner^, ’02, Children’s Mercy; Harvey M. Grossman, Children’s Mercy; Sarah E. Hampl^, ’92, Children’s Mercy; Amber M. Hoffman, Children’s Mercy; Keith Mann, Children’s Mercy; Bryan C. Nelson, Shawnee Mission Medical Center; Ross E. Newman, Children’s Mercy; Lien Pham Russell^, ’98, Children’s Mercy; Mary M. Tyson, Children’s Mercy; Jeffrey A. Waters, Saint Luke’s Health System

Pediatrics/Hospital Medicine: Amita R. Amonker^, ’96, Children’s Mercy; Lisa A. Carney, Children’s Mercy; Renee P. Cation, Children’s Mercy; Angela D. Etzenhouser, Children’s Mercy; Brian M. Pate, Children’s Mercy; Mary Ann J. Queen, Children’s Mercy; Judy A. Waldman, Children’s Mercy

Plastic Surgery: Jeffrey A. Goldstein, Children’s Mercy

Radiation Oncology: Vickie L. Massey^, ’85, Research Medical Center; Stephen R. Smalley, ’79, Radiation Oncology Center of Olathe

Radiology: Melissa L. Rosado de Christenson, Saint Luke’s Health System

Rheumatology: Kent A. Huston, Saint Luke’s Health System; Kent Kwasind Huston, Saint Luke’s Health System; Ann E. Warner, Saint Luke’s Health System

Surgery: Jameson Forster, Saint Luke’s Health System; Daniel Murillo, Research Medical Center; Glenn E. Talboy Jr., Truman Medical Centers

Surgical Oncology: Howard G. Rosenthal, University of Kansas Cancer Center; John W. Shook^, ’84, Saint Luke’s Health System

Thoracic Surgery: A. Michael Borkon, Saint Luke’s Health System

Urology: Mark Austenfeld, Saint Luke’s Health System

Also this month, Kansas City-based Ingram’s magazine published a “Top Doctors” feature. Each year, the magazine asks members of past “Top Doctors” classes to name the doctors they would seek out for treatment for themselves or a loved one. The magazine has recognized more than 200 physicians in the feature’s 19-year history.

Ingram’s identified 10 physicians in this year’s class of honorees. Four are School of Medicine faculty members: Michelle Dudzinski, an obstetrician-gynecologist at Saint Luke’s Health System; Alan Gamis, associate division director of oncology at Children’s Mercy; Kenneth Huber, a cardiologist at Saint Luke’s Health System; and Esmat Sadeddin, a gastroenterologist at Truman Medical Centers.

More information about the Ingram’s 2015 Class of Top Doctors is available at ingrams.com/article/2015-class-of-top-doctors/.