Financial Wellness News 10/18/21

Apply for 2022-2023 Scholarships

Did you hear?  The 2022-2023 Scholarship Applications are here! Read on to find out how to apply and what you are eligible for based on your program and year of school.

For Years 1 & 2 Students in 2022-2023:

Students in these years of the program for the 2022-2023 school year are not eligible for additional School of Medicine scholarships.

Students are eligible for any of the general UMKC competitive scholarships. Be sure to visit and complete the general UMKC application and any additional prompted applications you may be eligible for.

For Years 3-6, MD, PA, & AA Students in 2022-2023:

The School of Medicine is pleased to offer students in the MD, AA, PA, and BA/MD 3-6 programs the chance to be awarded a scholarship from the School of Medicine for the 2022-2023 academic year. Scholarships are each in the amount of $5000.

To apply visit and complete the UMKC General Application and the prompted School of Medicine Scholarship Application. You must complete both applications to be eligible. The deadline to apply is March 1, 2022. 

Applications are reviewed and decisions are made in late Spring 2022.

If you have questions, please reach out to your Financial Wellness Counselor: Kristian Brennon at

►You don’t want to miss this event!

The day is drawing closer to our 1st Annual Create a Savings Jar Event!!

Take time away from your studies to focus on your financial goals by creating your own Savings Jar. This event is going to be a creative and relaxing experience to provide students with an opportunity to bring their financial goals to life. Participants will be provided with a jar and crafting supplies, however, feel free to bring your own embellishments! Light snacks, music, and FUN are provided as well!

Not into crafting? Don’t need a jar? You can still register to pick up a printed Savings Challenge handout to encourage and track your savings goals.

Register for the date that best fits your schedule. Space is limited.

RSVP for Nov 2 @ 11:30

RSVP for Nov 4 @ 2:00

►Sign up for AAMC, Win a Prize!

AAMC Financial Wellness: The AAMC has created a robust financial management dashboard specifically designed for medical students. Use this dashboard to:

  • Track Financial Health
  • Budget & Track Spending
  • Create Financial to-do’s
  • Create Financial Goals
  • Organize Student Loans
  • Utilize Resources & Calculators

Create a free account today! Visit the site here and choose UMKC as your school.

ANYONE who signs up for AAMC Financial Wellness and creates a budget by October 31 will be entered into a drawing for a prize! 


Upcoming Events:

*RSVP to all these events here: Financial Wellness Center – RooGroups (

SOM Events:

Nov 2nd or 4th – Create a Savings Jar: Bring your financial goals and creative hands to create your own Savings Jar. Whether it is saving for a specific goal or taking the challenge to save more, this event provides a relaxing break from coursework to focus on their financial goals in a creative manner. SOM 4th floor @ 11:30 or 2 PM (depending on the day you register for)

Volker Financial Wellness Events:

Oct 20th – Filing your FAFSA: Join us for this FAFSA Kickoff Workshop! In this workshop, we’ll talk about how the FAFSA is used and what financial aid is available. We’ll also answer common FAFSA-related questions. ZOOM @ 6 pm

Oct 26th – Understanding Student Loan Repayment: We’ll show you how to find your student loan totals, interest rates, and loan servicer. We’ll also share tips on how to lower your debt while you’re in school and how to estimate your post-graduation payments. ZOOM @ 6pm

Oct 28th – Mythbusters Personal Finance Edition: We pick up financial habits and information from social media, family, and friends all the time. In this session, we’ll break down money myths and misunderstandings and help you learn how to fact-check financial information. Student Union Room 402 @ 2pm