Financial Wellness News 2/28/22

►Last Chance for UMKC Scholarships!

The 2022-2023 UMKC Scholarship application deadline is THIS WEEK! Apply by March 1  by midnight to be considered for UMKC competitive scholarships and a number of SOM scholarships for Medical, AA, and PA students.

Note: References are not required for the SOM scholarships. However, it is best practice to list references if you can as some of the UMKC Competitive scholarships may require them.

Did you know we have a large resource page on our website that showcases external scholarships you can apply for? We’ve linked scholarships for all programs within the SOM, so be sure to check it out here.


►Last call for Nominations!

Calling all Medince Seniors! You received an email to nominate yourself or a fellow classmate for our annual Senior Awards. This nomination is due by March 1 at midnight. Email your Financial Wellness Counselor to get the nomination link if needed. Read more about Senior Awards here.


►Summer Aid Update

Usually, Summer Financial Aid Request Forms are available on the UMKC Financial Aid site on March 1 annually. This year, Summer Aid will happen automatically! For the health sciences programs, you will be automatically packaged for Summer financial aid (if eligible) when batch enrollment is complete. Stay tuned for more updates on this from the Financial Aid and Financial Wellness Offices. In the meantime, make sure you’ve:

  1. Completed the 2021-2022 FAFSA
  2. Have no outstanding financial aid task items.


►Got loans?

The MedLoans Organizer and Calculator from the AAMC is a fantastic tool to stay up to date on your student loans. Not only can you organize each loan you can also run repayment scenarios based on your financial situation upon graduation.

If you have questions about transitioning financially from Med School to your career you’re welcome to schedule a meeting with your Financial Wellness Counselor to discuss. Email to schedule.


►Resource Spotlight

AAMC Financial Wellness: The AAMC has created a robust financial management dashboard specifically designed for medical students. Use this dashboard to:

  • Track Financial Health
  • Budget & Track Spending
  • Create Financial to-do’s
  • Create Financial Goals
  • Organize Student Loans
  • Utilize Resources & Calculators

Create a free account today! Visit the site here and choose UMKC as your school.

Be sure to check out the MedLoans calculator for easy student loan organization and management.

This week at AAMC: Buying a Vehicle

A vehicle purchase is a high-stakes deal for just about anyone. This week, AAMC  covers strategies for finding the best vehicle and successfully negotiating the best overall price.

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►Upcoming Events:

(RSVP through the Financial Wellness Center on RooGroups)

March 2nd @ 1 pm – Travel Hacks: Spring Break Edition

Learn tips and tricks related to traveling. These tips will range from maximizing your travel space to finding places that offer student discounts. Location: 402 Student Union

March 10th @ 6 pm – Apartment Hunting

In this session, we’ll share resources, tricks, and tips for managing your housing search. We will discuss how to prepare a housing budget, where to look, and how to save. Location: ZOOM.

March 15th @ 6 pm – Taking on Taxes

Join this session to learn the ins and outs of taxes. We’ll explain why taxes exist and how they work, what forms to look out for, and important dates to remember.  Location: ZOOM.