Financial Wellness News 2/7/22

FAFSA Priority Deadline is Here!

February 1 of each year marks the Priority Deadline for students to submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid to apply for loans, grant money, and work-study arrangements.

We’ve put together a video that walks you through the process step by step. Click this link to view it.

You can also watch the video on your announcements page in your respective AA, PA, and Med program Canvas Courses. Just look for the Financial Wellness module.

Remember, completing a FAFSA does not mean you have to take out loans. If you are an undergraduate student, you’re eligible for Federal Pell and State grant money. If you’re a graduate or professional, don’t forget about work-study options. Plus, keep in mind that a lot of scholarships require a FAFSA to be on file.

If you have more questions on how to complete the FAFSA, visit this site for a complete overview of the process.

To complete or renew your FAFSA, click here.


►Scholarship Applications

The 2022-2023 UMKC Scholarship application deadline is fast approaching. Apply by March 1 to be considered for UMKC competitive scholarships and a number of SOM scholarships for Medical, AA, and PA students.


►Head’s Up, Seniors!

You’ve all received an email from the Financial Wellness Department that includes important financial to-dos and resources before you graduate. Plus, nominate yourself or a fellow graduating senior for a Senior Award. If you have questions about transitioning financially from Med School to Residency, you’re welcome to schedule a meeting with your Financial Wellness Counselor to discuss. Email to schedule.


►Get to know Financial Wellness

Finances are personal and unique, especially for medical students committing to schooling longer than the traditional four-year college student. At UMKC School of Medicine, we value your success and tailor financial wellness to your specific experiences. From living on campus to preparing for residency, we’ll be with you to plan every expense every step of the way.

1:1 Financial Coaching

Our main service is financial coaching that is 100% student-focused. We can help students create and stick to a spending plan, discuss using credit and paying debt, and much more. We would love to talk to you about your specific financial situation and goals and empower you to practice healthy money-management habits.

To get started, please reach out to Kristian at to schedule a meeting.

Student Loan Review

It’s no secret that financial aid is confusing. Students often have many questions regarding their aid and how it affects their tuition, living expenses, and overall level of debt. We provide assistance with semester-based budgeting that accounts for student loans and additional aid. This helps students estimate expenses and ensure they take out the right level of aid for their education.

Resource Center

Looking for more information on a specific topic? Our Resource Center can provide clarity on personal finance topics that are relevant and updated often. Visit the Resource Center here.


►Upcoming Events:

(RSVP through the Financial Wellness Center on RooGroups)

February 17th @ 6 pm – Caring about Credit

Join us to learn what credit is, how scores are calculated, and how to responsibly use a credit card to build your credit history. Located on ZOOM.

February 23rd  @ 5:30 pm – Black Entrepreneur Panel

Join us and learn about local Black entrepreneurs’ experiences in KC. Students will have a chance to learn from and discuss experiences with community panelists.