Financial Wellness News 9/20/21

Positive Financial Habit #2:
Review Student Loans Annually

Got loans? If you have student loans, you don’t need to wait until you have graduated to manage them. Make it a habit to check your student loan balance each fall to ensure you know how much you’ve borrowed and find information regarding your loans.

To review your loans, simply log on to and use the same ID and Password that you used to complete the FAFSA. Here, you can find your total balance of loans (does not include Parent Plus loans) and also information about your loan servicer.

If you find yourself with extra savings and want to get a head start on your student debt, you are able to make a payment on your loans while in school, without jeopardizing your in-school deferment status. Read more about paying your loans off quicker in this article. 

Reviewing your student debt annually helps you be a more informed borrower as you look at financial aid for the next year. The AAMC has a great resource called “Education Debt Manager”  released each year that reviews payment plans, statistics, and tips for managing your debt.

Grab the resource here: aamc_education_debt_manager_july2021

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AAMC Financial Wellness: The AAMC has created a robust financial management dashboard specifically designed for medical students. Use this dashboard to:

  • Track Financial Health
  • Budget & Track Spending
  • Create Financial to-do’s
  • Create Financial Goals
  • Organize Student Loans
  • Utilize Resources & Calculators

Create a free account today! Visit the site here and choose UMKC as your school.

ANYONE who signs up for AAMC Financial Wellness and creates a budget by October 31 will be entered into a drawing for a prize! 

This week at AAMC: Financial Rules of Thumb

Financial rules of thumb are designed to be broad, simple guidelines that give consumers a way to save, spend and invest wisely. Learn these simple tips at this week’s topic at AAMC Financial Wellness.

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