Advanced Obstetrics Fellowship

dr vierthaler babyOB and Women’s Health are vital components of Family Medicine, and a strong point of our residency program. The Surgical OB Fellowship was instituted at Truman Medical Center Lakewood to provide interested residents with surgical OB and Women’s Health training. This is a one year fellowship with an optional second year!

The program is led by Stephen Vierthaler, MD, Board Certified in Family Medicine (Univ of Iowa Residency) and OB/GYN (Univ of Kansas Residency), graduate of the University of Kansas School of Medicine.

Why Kansas City?

Urban? Suburban? Rural? Whatever your lifestyle, all can be found withing 15 minutes of our hospital. Located in the southeastern sector of Kansas City, Missouri, TMC Lakewood has the advantages of a suburban setting with easy access to all the benefits from living in the Kansas City Metropolitan Area. This includes an active theater, visual arts and music scene; professional sports (football, baseball, soccer, hockey); fine dining; historic shopping districts; outdoor recreation; theme parks; affordable housing; and a myriad of family friendly activities.

Why Advanced OB Experience?

Academic Medicine – If you have an interest in academic medicine, additional experience in obstetrics would fill any gaps in the OB training of your residency program. It will also give you hands on teaching opportunities when you work as part of the team to train our family medicine residents and UMKC medical students doing their rotations at TMC Lakewood.

Rural Medicine – A physician practicing in a rural setting is likely to have more deliveries than one in the urban environment. Also in rural settings, it is more likely the family physician will be performing cesarean deliveries. Since in OB there is no such thing as “too much experience,” an Advanced OB Fellowship can equip the future rural physician to meet the maternity care needs of their community.

Mission/Global Medicine – More physicians are interested in practicing medicine abroad in the developing world. Opportunities exist for full time or part time through humanitarian programs, medical missionaries,  or disaster relief aid. Many of these opportunities will be in areas with urgent needs in maternity care. With the extra skills and experience gained in Advanced OB, the physician will be better equipped to meet those needs.

Learning Opportunities

        Sample Schedule for OB Fellows

  • Surgical OB including c-section, postpartum tubal ligations and surgical D & C’s. Family Medicine deliveries exceed 1,500 per year, with around 250 c-sections per year, over 90 percent are mentored by the Family Medicine faculty who perform our c-sections.
  • Mentoring in OB Practice Management by Family Medicine faculty practicing
    both in the hospital and in the community.
  • CME conferences in OB and Women’s Health.
  • Elective time in OB, High-Risk OB, and GYN with OB/GYN and perinatology
  • Academic Faculty Development – mentoring and training on curriculum
    development and teaching skills, both didactic and clinical.
  • Additional OB and GYN procedure opportunities
    for vaginal and vacuum deliveries
  • Training in OB Risk Management including chart reviews, clinic OB
    protocols, M and M, malpractice coverage, and networking with OB/GYN in the community.

Resident Selection and Compensation

Two fellows will start one year and one the next, alternating years so that there will always be at least one experienced fellow on the team. Please note that UMKC does not sponsor H1B visas.

Kathy Crawford
Fellowship Coordinator

Compensation  AY  2020-21       $59,496

Current Advanced OB & Women’s Health Fellows

Hannah Anderson, MD


Helen Hill, DO, MPH

New TMC Lakewood Birthplace Center is Now Open!

Expectant mothers planning to deliver their babies at TMC Lakewood enjoy the amenities of the Lakewood Family Birthplace. The Labor/Delivery/Recovery/Postpartum (LDRP) unit provides comprehensive care for moms and newborns with an OB emergency room, antepartum testing, labor and delivery, postpartum care, newborn and special care nursery, and operating room and Post-Anesthesia Care Unit. The new unit provides patients with an inviting, comfortable and technically advanced setting for delivery services.

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