Chief Residents


Christopher Koehn, MD, MBA

“I’m honored that I have been given the opportunity to serve as one of the chief residents for this academic year. Our residents and attendings come from a wide range of different backgrounds and experiences which help us better serve our diverse patient population. As a program, we are constantly adapting to meet the growing needs of our community. I believe our strengths are reflected in the high quality of residents that graduate from our program and the variety of positions they go on to fill. I’m thankful that I have had the opportunity to learn and grow here as an individual and as a physician in family medicine. I have never been more excited for our program, my fellow residents, and our patients as I am right now. The future is bright indeed.”

Holly Perkins, MD

“As Chief resident, I am in a privileged position to be able to put our program’s strengths forward and also work towards expanding those strengths with faculty and residents. We have a diverse group of resident interests, which I think reflects the true broad spectrum approach of our residency. We have robust inpatient and outpatient experiences, develop strong OB and procedural skills and see a variety of under/uninsured and under-served populations in our clinic and hospital, which also gives us a good foundation for the many-faceted approach to primary care that our community needs. Taking social, financial, mental, emotional and physical well-being into consideration is something we really hone through our training here. Having designated specialty areas of interest, including Integrative Medicine, Women’s Health and Sports Medicine, not to mention Informatics and business operations, allows each person to explore individual interests within family medicine. Our greatest strengths are each other, and the camaraderie this program fosters is what really turns us all into great doctors.”