Chief Residents


Joshua Go, DO

“I was born and raised in the Pacific northwest, and was blessed to come out here for medical school and residency.  I felt extremely fortunate to have matched here, as UMKC and the associated university health hospital system that has a patient population that are urban underserved, and the facuity here provide great learning for the residents, as well as an outlet for meaningful and much needed health care. As a chief resident, my hope is to continue the tradition of helping my coresidents navigate the challenges of learning residency while working to become physician leaders after training. I look forward to meeting prospective students/residency applicants if there are questions about our program!”

Zahn Raubenheimer, MD

“I was born and raised in South Africa, immigrated to Canada and completed my undergraduate degree at the University of Nebraska Omaha while competing at the Div I level in Men’s Hockey before finally completing a medical degree in Dublin Ireland at Trinity College Dublin. With my travels, rural medicine and family physicians led the charge with health maintenance while being an integral part of the community. Therefore, I was honored to be voted to be one of this years chiefs at a program that prides itself on focusing on patient care throughout a diverse patient community. As chiefs, Dr. Go and I are determined to maintain the professionalism and continued goal of graduating outstanding family physicians while ensuring the upmost dedication to our patients. As we enter a year hopefully removed from the hold of COVID-19, we are prepared to return to as normal a residency as we can with the changes that were forced by COVID. We welcome all patients and aspiring students to share in our passion for medicine and goals to provide efficient care to a community. “