Community Building


The purpose of the Community Building Committee is to reinvigorate the sense of community within the department. Psychological research suggests that belonging to a group provides a sense of purpose and meaning, which increases self-worth and improves overall well-being. The focus of this committee is to create a shared purpose for the members of the department, create opportunities for increased social connection, and build trusting, collegial fellowship. This committee’s efforts are in addition to and an expansion of the Wellness Curriculum.

A series of activities are planned for residents, fellows, faculty and staff to increase our sense community in the DCFM. Many of these activities will encourage participation by family members as well. The goal is that an increased sense of community, connection, and support will translate into personal wellness and improved care for those we serve.

If you have any ideas or questions contact Carlie Nikel.

Please join us!


Cake Day!!!

Monthly birthday celebration with cupcakes!

January Cake Day cupcakes will be available to pick up in 3A starting at 11:15 until M&M begins. Leftover cupcakes will be left in the res lounge and 3rd floor break room.

Book Club

The known benefits of a book club are many. Just hanging out and talking about your own lives in relation to the book you’re reading is healthy and enjoyable. Sometimes reading as a social activity can bridge differences of opinion and bring people together in new ways. “Companionship and intellectual stimulation—and thinking quickly during book club discussions—all of these things are very healthy,” said Michael Roizen, M.D., chief wellness officer at the Cleveland Clinic, in a recent study.” They also can…

  • Decreases Stress
  • Gain New Friends and Get Involved with the Community
  • Gain New Perspectives
  • Boost Teamwork Skills
  • Encourage Cultural Awareness
  • Improve and Maintain Communication Skills

The CBC is sponsoring a book club! Click the link to join the book club on the app BookClubz: The Page Turners

Our first book is Outlawed by Anna North

We are still figuring out logistics and meeting time – most likely late Feb/early March – but wanted to gauge interest first! Let us know you are interested by joining the book club app from the link above!

Special Events

Trivia Night!!!

7pm to 9 pm on Jan 28th! Virtual Trivia party was sponsored by the Residency Office and the CBC. We joined our colleagues as well as the residency applicants for a night of trivia and fun!  Thanks to Octavia as our Zoom Master as well as Trivia Host and to all the great people that joined in our camaraderie. Cameos were made by babies, cats, dogs, significant others, and plants.

Can’t wait to do it again.

Impact Survey


Please spend a few moments completing a brief survey to help us see the impact the CBC may have on our sense of community.