Residency Curriculum

Each academic year is structured by 13 rotations, four weeks in length.

First Year

  • Orientation
  • Emergency Medicine
  • Peds Inpatient Service2
  • Peds Nursery/Ambulatory Clinic
  • Behavioral Health
  • Family Med Inpatient Service – 3 rotations
  • Geriatric Medicine
  • Cardio/Pulmonology5
  • Maternity Care – 2 rotations
  • PCMH

Second Year

  • Inpatient or FM Selective – Block 1
  • Elective
  • Critical Care1
  • Dermatology/Procedure Clinic5
  • Emergency Medicine
  • Peds Nursery/Ambulatory Clinic
  • Family Med Inpatient Service – 2 rotations
  • Sports Medicine
  • Maternity Care – 2 rotations
  • PCMH/Rheum

Third Year

  • Inpatient or FM Selective – Block 1
  • Electives – 3 rotations
  • Ortho
  • Pediatric ER2
  • Preceptorship3
  • Family Med Inpatient Resident in Charge – 2 rotations
  • Endocrine1
  • Maternity Care Resident in Charge
  • Outpatient Leadership
  • Outpatient Surgery
1 Truman Medical Center – Health Science District
2 Children’s Mercy Hospital
3 Private practice groups
4 Private practice orthopedic office practice group
5 TMC University Health/University Health Lakewood Medical Center

Your First Year

Orientation – You will be completing certification courses, receiving instruction on hospital procedures, and participating in teambuilding, but mostly gaining hands-on experience. You will also begin establishing your continuity patients during this time. The first week is typically an 8 to 5 schedule; more variability follows throughout the remainder of the block as you work as part of the inpatient services.

Patient Centered Medical Home – Patient centered care is at the forefront of this rotation where the focus is closed loop communication and improved handoffs, help with medication refills, patient follow up and complete a small quality improvement project. Residents will participate in a home call schedule during this rotation. This is part of an ambulatory care curriculum, which continues in Year 2 with PCMH/Rheum and in Year 3 with Outpatient Leadership.

Behavioral Health – During this rotation, you will spend time with the Behaviorist as well as other psychologists on staff, providing integrated psychosocial services. You will also have the opportunity to spend time with outpatient child and adult psychiatrists in addition to providing inpatient consult liaison services. This rotation gives you the opportunity to work within an interdisciplinary team and learn about behavioral health services available to your patients. In addition, this rotation also provides an opportunity to develop and implement a personalized wellness plan that will be utilized throughout residency.

Cardiology / Pulmonology – During this rotation, you will rotate with Cardiology and Pulmonology faculty at both TMC Lakewood and the Health Sciences District.

ED – Generally there are two residents rotating in the ED, one PGY1 and one upper level resident. Hours are scheduled so that shifts do not overlap with the other resident. Shifts vary from 8 to 12 hours. Total ED hours will meet or exceed the 100 hours required for Emergency Medicine.

Geriatric Medicine – During this rotation, you will work in the Long Term Care Center at TMC Lakewood. Hours are generally 8 am – 5 pm. Residents will see patients and address any acute issues that need attention. You will also have geriatric assessment clinic, lectures, journal club, or help with whatever admissions might occur during the day.

Family Med Inpatient (3 rotations) – Inpatient Medicine is similar to OB in that the call is divided between all of the PGY I and II residents on service. Two PGY III residents serve as RIC (resident in charge) while PGY I and II residents divide call. You will average one continuity clinic per week. The duty hours on this service are compliant with ACGME regulations.

OB (2 rotations) –  The team manages patients who present to labor and delivery and delivers those patients who do not have a “panel” resident doctor (who has been following them for continuity care throughout pregnancy). You will average one continuity clinic per week. The hours vary depending on how often you are on call (depending on LDRP patient census). The duty hours on this service are compliant with ACGME regulations.

Peds Nursery/Ambulatory Clinic – Residents see all of the babies in the nursery that do not have a “panel” resident doctor. Babies need to be seen by 9 am. Most afternoons in the outpatient pediatrics clinic tend to be well child checks and sick visits for children of any age. During the day, you admit any babies that need admitted to the nursery and perform circumcisions if parents choose this procedure. If any infant becomes ill in the nursery during the day, you respond. There is no call on this rotation and you typically work two of four weekends.

Peds Inpatient (Children’s Mercy Hospital) – On this rotation you will fill one of the intern spaces that Children’s Mercy Hospital has on their inpatient team. This rotation provides an environment that is heavily education-based and you will serve as a full member of the patient care team.