Telehealth in the Family Medicine Residency Program

Dr Purdom's Promo for Patients

UMKC Community and Family Medicine residents were rarely able to provide a telehealth experience prior to the COVID-19 pandemic response. However, the rapid response of the clinic to this Public Health Emergency in March, now provides every resident with many telehealth opportunities.

Most of the resident workstations and some exam rooms are now equipped with high resolution web cams, speakers and/or headphones.

telehealth stationIn addition to these fixed devices, every resident can use their department provider iPad Pros as well as their own phones to provide these same services.

The residents quick willingness to adapt and meet their patient’s needs can be shown in the following graph that illustrates the percentage of daily visits provided using telehealth services.

This data illustrates the many opportunities and strengths of this program. There are always ways to overcome limitations and challenges that are part of being a physician. Jumping in to solve these challenges is part of the resident experience in the Community and Family Medicine Residency Program.

telehealth usage graph