The best part of our program is the strong community of residents, faculty and staff. Our department wide wellness committee includes a resident committee chair, faculty chair, representatives from each resident class and several faculty members. The committee is used to address wellbeing on a department, program, and personal levels by creating a shared purpose for the members of the department, opportunities for increased social connection, and build trusting, collegial fellowship.

The committee plans and coordinates several large events throughout the year as well as takes time to celebrate major life events of our department members. Additionally, we provide monthly resilience and wellness activity sessions with our behaviorist, Dr. Carlie Nikel, during our afternoon didactics.  Check out our Instagram! Follow us on Facebook!

If you have any ideas or questions contact Carlie Nikel.

Intern Onboarding

Intern year begins with a orientation block that includes on-boarding activities, lectures, and simulation blocks. A PGY2 and PGY3 serve as your resident guide and is there to assist our interns as they acclimate to the hospital and clinic experiences.  Orientation block also focuses on team-building and socializing with fellow residents and faculty through informal social events, welcome picnic, and our block end party at the lake!

Interns learn leadership and teamwork at Tucker Leadership Lab. at William Jewell College.

Bowling Party as part of onboarding fun.


Annual Resident Retreat

The annual resident retreat is all about team building and connection with co-residents! Faculty cover our inpatient services so all residents can attend. Our chief residents plan fun activities every year that have included wine and cheese tasting, paint party, and Tucker Leadership Lab.

Group Photo from 2021 Resident Retreat.

Organized Group Activities

A variety of group activities throughout the year help to build community and support wellness in our residents, faculty, and staff. Picnics, trivia nites, group activities in the community, and volunteer events all create a culture of care that not only benefits our patients but also the members of our family medicine residency.

Putting the FAMILY in Family Medicine

Chillin’ at a picnic.

Dr Swade’s soccer team the Rounders

Playing Pickleball at Chicken and Pickle

Volunteering at Habitat for Humanity