Gary Gaddis, M.D. PhD was awarded the “Order of the International Federation of Emergency Medicine”

Gaddis, GaryDr Gaddis was a long time Professor of Emergency Medicine at the UMKC School of Medicine who practiced at St Luke’s.  He was the inaugural Missouri/St Luke’s Endowed Chair of Emergency Medicine and was intimately involved with research and clinical care. He worked with multiple EM residents on scholarly products and taught statistics and study design to our residents.  He presently is a Professor of Emergency Medicine at Washington University in St. Louis.

The International Federation of Emergency Medicine Awards the Order of the IFEM (FIFEM) to an “individual who is a member of an IFEM member organization who has demonstrated an extensive and continuous commitment to the specialty of Emergency Medicine in their own country and has made significant contributions to supporting the development/advancement of the International Federation for Emergency Medicine.”