Graduate Certificate in Clinical Research

About The GCCR Program

The Graduate Certificate in Clinical Research (GCCR) is a specialized program catering to those interested in a career in clinical research. It provides students with comprehensive knowledge and skills related to clinical trial design, management, and execution, covering essential topics such as data management, biostatistics, and study design. After successfully completing the program, graduates can pursue careers in various organizations, including academic medical centers, government agencies, clinical research organizations, or pharmaceutical companies.

The UMKC School of Medicine’s Department of Biomedical and Health Informatics offers a Graduate Certificate Program in Clinical Research, comprising core courses from the Master of Science in Bioinformatics Clinical Research Curriculum. This program is ideal for healthcare professionals, including physicians, nurses, clinical research coordinators, pharmacists, dentists, junior faculty, and clinical fellows, who are unable to commit to a full master’s degree program but want to gain in-depth exposure to essential tools that can help them advance their research careers. Obtaining this certificate is a valuable credential that can enhance one’s professional prospects.

Who Are Our Students?

Our students are individuals who hold a bachelor’s degree from a nationally accredited university and often have a graduate degree or a graduate level professional degree in diverse fields, including biology, computer science, mathematics, and other allied health professions. While some students have limited clinical experience, they are keen to develop the necessary skills to excel in the dynamic field of clinical research.

What Do Our Students Do After Graduation?

After completing the graduate certificate, students can take on a wide range of roles within the field of clinical research. They can work as clinical research coordinators, who are responsible for managing clinical trial sites and ensuring that studies are conducted in compliance with regulations and protocols.

Alternatively, they can pursue careers as clinical research associates, who monitor studies for quality assurance, data integrity, and adherence to regulatory guidelines. Graduates with a background in healthcare may choose to work as project managers, overseeing the execution of clinical trials and managing teams of clinical research professionals. Other potential career paths include regulatory affairs specialists, who ensure that clinical trials comply with local and national regulations, and data managers, who are responsible for collecting, managing, and analyzing clinical trial data.

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