Graduate Certificate in Clinical Research


The Graduate Certificate in Clinical Research curriculum includes 15 credit hours of required coursework. The program consists of five core courses from the Master of Science in Bioinformatics Clinical Research Emphasis curriculum.

MEDB 5501: Applied Biostatistics I
(3 Credit Hours)
Introduction to statistical concepts and analytic methods as applied to health science. Course includes lectures and hands on computer laboratory.

Prerequisites: An advanced math course (i.e., Calculus, statistics).

MEDB 5510: Clinical Research Methodology
(3 Credit Hours)

Introduction to clinical research methodologies, conducts, and applications. Course provides overview of use of clinical epidemiology and bioinformatics in health care.

MEDB 5511: Principles & Applications of Epidemiology
(3 Credit Hours)

This course will provide an introductory overview of the principles of epidemiology and illustrate applications in specialized topic areas. Course lectures will introduce measures of effect used to study disease in human populations, epidemiological study designs, concepts of causal inference, and threats to study validity. Specialized lectures will demonstrate the application of these concepts in select health and disease conditions.

MEDB 5512: Clinical Trials
(3 Credit Hours)

Clinical Trials explores the knowledge and skills required to conduct clinical trials, and implications of clinical trials on practice in medicine and allied health.

MEDB 5513: Overview of Health Services Research
(3 Credit Hours)
Provides an overview of the U.S. health care and public health systems including issues about cost, access, and quality of health care. This course focuses on the role of research and information in the process of redesigning of health care delivery in the U.S. for the purpose of improving the value of health services.

Prerequisites: Acceptance into the Bioinformatics MS or Certificate in Clinical Research Program.