Getting Involved

Roos on Call

Medical school is hard work. But there’s more to becoming a doctor than class lectures and clinical rotations. At the School of Medicine, students are encouraged to get involved in extracurricular activities – and UMKC offers plenty of options.

There are many benefits to participating in outside groups: building friendships with other students, strengthening connections to the school, discovering new interests, networking within the profession. Taking a leadership role in a student organization can be a good resume builder, too.

Medical students take part in a wide array clubs and activities at the UMKC School of Medicine, such as the nearly 40 different clinical specialty interest groups and student medical associations. Many hold positions in student government, or serve as class officers or representatives to school councils. Some have been elected to board positions on national student organizations.

Beyond medical school, the university’s Student Life Office provides other opportunities to get involved outside of the classroom. Students can participate in the university’s intramural sports teams as a respite from the rigors of study, or meet new people through one of UMKC’s 18 Greek fraternities and sororities.

It’s never too early or too late to get involved in student activities beyond the classroom. For students attending UMKC, the opportunities are endless … and the benefits are many.