Graduate Medical Education

GME Council Members 2023-2024



Role Name Member Status/Term
DIO and Chair Phil Byrne, Ed.D. – DIO GME Appointed
DIO SLH and Vice-Chair Greg Howell, M.D. – Vice Chair Appointed
PD Members Joseph “Lane” Wilson, MD – CFM 2026
Bini Moorthy, MD – Psychiatry 2026
Jacqueline Kitchen, MD – Med/Peds – new 3 year term 2024
Emily Hillman, MD (EM) 2026
Majdi Hamarshi, MD – Critical Care 2026
Brook Nelson-Iams, M.D – Asst Dean GME Appointed
Dave Wooldridge, MD – Asst Dean GME Appointed
Quality/Patient Safety Jeffrey Hackman, M.D.-Medical Director Quality  UH Appointed
Britany Eichenauer, MSN – Quality Director SLH Appointed
Resident Members Andrew Watkins, MD – Med Peds – Housestaff President 2023
Lucy Smith, DO – OB-Gyn – Housestaff Vice President 2023
Other Members Denise Bratcher, DO – DIO, CMH Appointed
Kent Burke, M.D. – Director of Gynecological Surgery Simulation – TMC Appointed
Doug Cochran, M.D. – Internal Medicine – SLH Appointed
Brie East – PCLC Chair *
Matthew Gratton, MD – TMC Appointed
Kevin Gray, MD – UH LW FM APD / Sp Med Appointed
Rhonda Hughes – GME Admin *
David Juang, MD – CMH Peds Surg CC (APD) Appointed
Sharad Mathur, MD – KCVA Appointed
Mahesh Patel, MD – CBM Appointed
Geoff Harkness, Ph.D., M.B.A. – Finance and Budget Consultant II* Appointed
Andrew Schlachter, MD – Critical Care Appointed
Kimberly Sixkiller, M.A. – GME Educational Program Manager *
Tyler Smith, M.D. – Associate Dean of DEI* Appointed
Gary Sutkin, MD – OB/GYN Appointed
* – Non voting member