Health Sciences District Satellite Food Pantry needs your help

Check out our flyer

Did you know:

  • That UMKC has a Health Science District Satellite Food Pantry housed in the UMKC School of Medicine?
  • That it serves all of our UMKC Health Science professional students and undergraduate and graduate students staying at the Hospital Hill Student housing?
  • That we stock daily?
  • That we stocked and distributed more than 1,200 pounds of food in August, more than 1,400 pounds of food in September and nearly 1,600 pounds of perishable and nonperishable food in October?
  • That we have a refrigerator and a freezer to help supply healthy food items to our professional students in need?

We are seeing an increased need for our health professions students and we need your help. You can donate in the following ways:

  1. Send a monetary donation using this link to support the purchase of fresh fruit, vegetables, eggs, cheese, hummus, yogurt, guacamole and frozen fruit, vegetables, beef and turkey.
  2. Drop-off the needed food items in the Yellow UMKC Satellite Pantry Bins in each of our UMKC Health Science Buildings.  Our needs are (see attached list):   Peanut butter, protein bars, granola bars, dry pasta, microwavable meals, individually wrapped peanut butter pretzels and dried fruit and nuts, crackers, applesauce, pop top canned goods, oatmeal cups and packets, Keurig coffee and shelf stable protein drinks. We also stock hygiene items such as deodorants, feminine hygiene products and individually wrapped toilet paper.

Your support of our students is greatly appreciated!