Hospital executive Mark Steele, M.D., ’80, leads today’s physicians

UMKC School of Medicine Alumni Reflections Throughout 50 Years
Mark Steele, M.D. ’80

Since 1971, nearly 4,000 physicians and health care professionals across the United States have received their degrees from the UMKC School of Medicine. As a leadup to our Gold Jubilee 50th anniversary event on June 4, we are spotlighting some of our alumni who embody the school’s spirit and excellence in medical education and patient care.

Today, we catch up with Mark T. Steele, M.D., ’80, executive chief clinical officer at Kansas City’s University Health (formerly Truman Medical Centers), executive medical director of University Health Physicians, and associate dean for the UMKC School of Medicine’s University Health programs.

What is your current role in medicine?

I currently serve at University Health to provide administrative leadership and oversight of clinical operations and medical staff affairs. I also oversee medical staff recruitment and have oversight of undergraduate and graduate medical education at University Health.

What is your most fond memory from your time at UMKC School of Medicine?

The new friends I met from different backgrounds from across the state of Missouri have to be my most fond memory. That and the fun we had navigating our way through the new and innovative School of Medicine. And, of course, FAPAN!

Tell us about the greatest lesson you learned in medical school.

One of the greatest lessons that came from medical school at UMKC was the importance of respect for all and the value and power of diversity and diverse experiences.

Can you share something about yourself that people may not know?

I’m the proud father of triplets plus an adopted son who is only 7 months older than the triplets. So, we essentially raised quadruplets. The adoption resulted from a chance conversation with a fellow alum at a School of Medicine alumni event back in 1991.