Department of Medical Humanities & Bioethics


Brian Carter, MD
Year 1 & 2 Docent
Course Director: Medicine & Literature and Medicine, Law & Bioethics

William Ritter, MD
Docent Year 1
Course Director: Medicine and the Visual Arts

Trenton Myers, MD
Course Director: Medicine and Music

John Foxworth, PharmD
Patient, Physician and Society

Karen Johnson, MD
Docent Year 2

Jared Keeler, MD
Docent Year 1

Amgad Masoud, MD
Docent Year 2

Jennifer McBride, MD
Clinical Practice of Medicine

Leslie McNolty, DPS
Course Director for History of Medicine, Patient, Physician and Society II, Medicine and Philosophy

Jessica Neuhart, MD
Docent Year 1

Gazala Parvin, MD
Docent Year 1

Valerie Radar, MD
Docent Year 1

Alie Scholes, MD
Docent Year 1

Fariha Shafi, MD
Docent Year 2

Rose Zwerenz, MD
Docent Year 1

Nicholas George, MD
Docent Year 1

Sarah Ifteqar, MD 
Docent Year 1

Edwin Kraemer, MD 
Docent Year 1 and 2