Internal Medicine Residency

Program Overview

The UMKC Internal Medicine Residency Program is dedicated to developing the full potential of each individual resident within the broad array of internal medicine. The UMKC Internal Medicine Residency is a university-based program that offers an extensive spectrum of clinical experiences.

The mission of our program is to provide residents with a well-rounded educational experience that produces outstanding internists, proficient in each of the ACGME competencies, and well-prepared for practice in general Internal Medicine or advanced fellowship training.  We aim to provide safe/high quality patient care, education and training and instill within our residents optimal interpersonal skills, comfort and competence practicing in an academic setting, and a posture of life-long learning.

More than 175 full-time and community-based volunteer faculty mentor residents each day at two distinct Kansas City hospitals that have each been honored for their excellence in patient care – University Health Truman Medical Center and Saint Luke’s Hospital. The combination of these two teaching hospitals – uniquely different, but equally stimulating – allows each of our residents to develop their full potential as physicians, and supports our UMKC residency vision – to be a regional center of excellence where humanistic caregivers mentor and educate internal medicine residents to become outstanding professional physicians and community leaders.

The UMKC School of Medicine was founded with teaching as the primary driving factor for faculty. We take our mission seriously and constantly look for new and more effective approaches to develop the clinical skills of our students, residents, and fellows. In addition, the school UMKC has a long and unique history of close faculty-student and faculty-resident mentorship, which provides residents with educational and career guidance throughout their years of residency training.

Our residency program is committed to providing high-quality clinical training in an atmosphere that promotes humanism and emphasizes collegiality and social responsibility. We view each of our residents as a unique individual and make every effort to provide an experience that is meaningful, productive, enjoyable, and challenging.

In turn, what we look for in a resident is a hard-working individual who is seeking an excellent training experience, a person with an unquenchable curiosity, and someone who doesn’t lose sight of what is important beyond his or her medical career. We ask our residents to give their best every day and be professional in all they do.