Internal Medicine Residency

Categorical Resident Rotation Requirements


Over the course of 3 years, categorical residents will spend the following time on each rotation:

Hospital Medicine ~51 weeks including ~12 weeks of night float over 3 years
Cardiology 6 weeks inpatient, 2 weeks outpatient
Emergency Medicine 4 weeks
Endo 2 weeks combined inpatient/outpatient
Geriatrics 2 weeks
Gastroenterology 4 weeks inpatient, 2 outpatient
Hem/Onc 4 weeks inpatient, 2 outpatient
Infectious Disease 4 weeks, mostly inpatient
Nephrology 4 weeks, mostly inpatient
Neurology 2 weeks combined inpatient/outpatient
Pulmonary/Critical Care 12 weeks inpatient
Rheumatology 2 weeks combined inpatient/outpatient
Subspecialty ambulatory blocks that include experiences in such fields as dermatology, gynecology, ophthalmology, orthopedics, psychiatry, sleep medicine ~3 weeks
Continuity Clinic (“+1 weeks”) 29 weeks
Elective ~12 weeks
Vacation 9 weeks (3 weeks per year)