Match Day filled with hugs, smiles at UMKC School of Medicine

UMKC School of Medicine Class of 2013
UMKC School of Medicine Class of 2013

2013 UMKC School of Medicine Match List


The giant smiley face on the golden balloon tethered to her  hand matched that on Monica Lau’s face and those of her UMKC School of Medicine classmates late Friday morning after they opened letters from the National Resident Matching Program (NRMP) with a simple message printed in bold letters.

“Congratulations, you have matched.”

For the 87 members of the Class of 2013 who received a post-graduate residency position through the match process, it was the payoff for six strenuous, but now rewarding years of hard work.

“This is what I was hoping for,” said Lau, who matched with her first choice of residency positions — internal medicine/pediatrics at Tulane University. “I didn’t really know what to expect but this is the best outcome I could have imagined.”

Across the country, more medical students were opening Match Day letters than ever before. The NRMP released a statement saying the 2013 Match was the largest in the program’s history. And nationwide, 400 more students matched to primary care positions in internal medicine, family medicine and pediatrics than a year ago.

At UMKC, nearly 43 percent of those who matched did so in one of the primary care specialties. Internal medicine was the most popular match with 26 students and medicine-pediatrics and pediatrics was next with 12 matches.

Well more than half of the class matched to residency programs in the Midwest. Eighteen will be staying in the Kansas City area to continue their post-graduate training and 14 of those matched to one of the UMKC School of Medicine residency programs.

David Camejo was one of those who will stay put, at least for another year. Camejo will do a preliminary medicine year at UMKC before heading to Philadelphia and Temple University to continue his training in ophthalmology.

“I’m really happy and excited,” Camejo said. “(Match Day) couldn’t have gone any better. This is exactly what I was hoping for. I’m glad everything worked out well. My family was here to support me, so I’m very happy.”

So was Matthew Goers, who was one of the many going into internal medicine. Goers matched to his first choice at the University of Minnesota. He said he had a good idea where he would be going.

“I wasn’t as nervous as a lot of people, so I’m pretty happy with it,” he said. “I had a good report with everyone that I interviewed with and kept in email correspondence with everybody and they just seemed very open and very honest.”

In just a few months, a group of nearly 90 students that has spent the past six years together will be spreading out across the country.

“It was long during (those six years) but right now it seems like it just flew by,” Goers said. “I’m going to miss these guys. It’s going to be awesome, but I’m going to miss them.”

Match By The Numbers

Anesthesiology 7
Emergency Medicine 6
General Surgery 3
Internal Medicine 26
Medicine-Pediatrics 5
Medicine – Preliminary 8 (Ophthalmology 2, Dermatology, Radiology-Diagnostic 3)
Neurological Surgery 1
Neurology 3
Obstetrics-Gynecology 4
Oral Surgery 1
Orthopaedic Surgery 2
Otolaryngology 1
Pathology 2
Pediatrics 7
Psychiatry 3
Radiology – Diagnostic 1
Surgery – Preliminary 3
Transitional 3 (Anesthesiology 1, Ophthalmology 2)

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