Become a Physician at UMKC


Combined BA/MD Degree Program

A medical student’s journey begins as soon as they enter the UMKC School of Medicine’s B.A./M.D. program. Immediate exposure to a curriculum that builds a strong foundation in medical science and clinical skills is integrated with the liberal arts and humanities into a year-round program. Our program allows students to choose an undergraduate major and earn their B.A. and M.D. in six years. Students must apply between August 15 and November 1.

During the first two years of the program, three-fourths of a student’s time is dedicated to the arts and sciences to fulfill baccalaureate degree requirements, while one-fourth is spent in medical school coursework.  In the final four years of the program, the majority of the student’s time is spent in medical school coursework with a smaller percentage of time spent completing baccalaureate degree requirements.


Medical Degree Program

The UMKC School of Medicine offers an opportunity for medical education to students who have obtained, or will soon earn, a baccalaureate degree. This program is the M.D. Program. Students must apply for admission between May 1 and August 1. If selected for admission, students will begin coursework in January.

Students join a group of 10 to 12 fellow medical students, called a docent team. Half a day every week for three-and-a-half years, students assist with outpatient care in continuing care clinics at two of our partner hospitals. This clinical assignment provides a continuity of patient care, as well as a wealth of clinical experience, and allows students to work with full-time, hospital-based staff, including physicians, nurses and residents.


Medical Scholars

Medical Scholars program offers early and guaranteed admission to college students interested in applying to medical school.  Students in their sophomore or junior year of college from partner universities can apply.


Other Options

The School of Medicine offers a variety of Master’s and Certificate degrees. The Physician Assistant  and Anesthesia Assistant programs are two other options for students with a health sciences background and a baccalaureate degree.