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Application Information

Our program will evaluate the overall fit of individual applicants within our program based on personal characteristics of tenacity, resiliency, dedication, and interpersonal skills taking into consideration the benefits of diversity of cultural, educational, and experiential backgrounds.

Applicant Requirements

Resiliency in this wave of change and challenges: Like you, we have not had a recruitment season quite like this one. Let’s start out by acknowledging that we are in this together!

First and foremost, we believe in a holistic application review. An individual’s entire application is reviewed when considering them for an interview. While this includes objective measures that have traditionally been the focus of residency interviews such as standardized test scores, performance on subject examinations, and rotation evaluations, we also place a strong emphasis on personal, professional, and leadership experiences in addition to letters of recommendation. Unique life experiences lead to unique perspectives in the care of our patients, ideas on how to problem solve, and growth opportunities. We have been fine-tuning a candidate evaluation tool that informs our rank system within this holistic review process.

We understand that the pandemic has changed our applicants’ options for sub-internships and away rotations. As recommended by our national leaders in medical education, we will consider each application individually with these circumstances in mind.

Our program, like all combined Med-Peds training programs, requires a rigorous curriculum. We do not have minimum USMLE/COMLEX scores, but we do prefer applicants who score at or above the national mean. This year, we will not require a passing USMLE Step 2 CS score for ranking. We require two letters of recommendation, preferably from faculty who truly know you well. You may have two personal letters and one letter from a Department Chair. These letters should inform us on who you are as a student, a future resident, and a person. Use your discretion to identify the letter writers with the best ability to capture this in writing.

Any applicant who is currently a resident in another residency program or has completed any prior residency training must submit a letter from their former or current program director stating that they are a resident in good standing and acknowledging their understanding that the applicant is applying to our program.

Applications are reviewed by the Residency Recruitment Committee prior to decisions to interview. With the delayed access to ERAS, we anticipate a later interview start date this academic year. To allow our committee time to thoroughly review our many qualified applicants, we anticipate sending initial interview invitations in early November. Through the interview season, we will offer rolling interview invitations.

Once our interview positions are full, we create a waiting list. You will be contacted by our coordinator if a position becomes available.

We make every attempt to notify each applicant regarding the status of their application. You may contact our residency coordinator, Tani Daumas, if you have any questions regarding the status of your application.

The program can sponsor J1 visas, but in accordance with UMKC School of Medicine policy, we do not have the ability to sponsor H1B visas.

Post-Interview Communication Policy:  We support the recommendations from the ACGME/NRMP for minimal post-interview communication.

“Programs should discourage routine thank you notes from interviewed applicants and indicate that such communications will not routinely receive a reply.”

This year we are all in a unique scenario and understand that you may have more questions than ever before. We OPENLY encourage you to ask clarifying questions, to seek out the details you need to understand our program better, and find ways to virtually connect with our residents. However, we will not routinely reply to thank you notes  out of respect to your clinical duties and your time. Additionally, we will not reach out to you after our interview with you. Please understand that this is NOT a reflection of our interest in you as an individual but our sincere interest in protecting you and your time.

Interview schedule

2020 Dates

November 3
November 5
November 10
November 12
November 17
November 19
November 24 
December 1
December 3
December 8
December 10
December 15
December 17
January 5, 2021
January 7, 2021
January 19, 2021
January 21, 2021

For more information, please contact the Program Coordinator:

Tani Daumas
Phone: 816-404-0917