Medicine / Pediatrics


Combined Med Peds Ambulatory Didactics

The UMKC Internal Medicine-Pediatrics program offers dedicated time to learning ambulatory medicine. The didactics are held monthly and explore common and cutting edge ambulatory topics from pediatrics and internal medicine. The modules provide case oriented, evidence based small group discussion on a variety of topics, coordinated to the didactics topic of the month in the Internal medicine program. For example, when the didactics topic is nephrology, our ambulatory didactics conference will review evaluation of proteinuria and hematuria in the clinic. The majority of our modules are developed by our UMKC Med-Peds faculty, community providers and sub specialists and supplemented with the Yale Primary Care Pediatric Curriculum modules. In addition to the case, we review relevant high value care concepts for the topic. This has included cost of lab assessments and billing practices. Our residents consistently rate this curriculum as a strength of our program.

Med-Peds House Staff

Each month, the entire residency gathers to conduct the business of the residency. House Staff is attended by the Combined and Categorical Program Directors, the Combined and Categorical Chief residents, and the Med-Peds residents. Lunch is provided. The Internal Medicine and Pediatrics programs update the residents on any changes occurring within their respective residencies. The Med-Peds Chief Residents update the residents on Med-Peds events. Following House Staff, we have a Med-Peds Didactics sessions in which we discuss important topics to our Med-Peds residents. Curriculum is shaped heavily towards what our residents are interested in, including board review, wellness, important med-peds topics. This is also a great time to meet up with your Med-Peds colleagues for some social time.

Med-Peds Retreat

Every September, the Med-Peds residents are given a couple of days free of call and clinical responsibilities to retreat. This provides a time for us to gather our families and grow our sense of community. The residents are given workshops to develop team skills and professional development. This is designed and led by the Combined Chief Residents.

Med-Peds Chief Online Curriculum

Each month, the Med-Peds chiefs send electronic resources for review to supplement the didactics of the categorical programs. The resources are reviewed prior to the start of the ambulatory didactics with board review questions. On occasion, there can be a spirited competition brewing between the classes!

Categorical Program Conferences

The following links will review the conferences which are specific to the categorical Internal Medicine and Pediatric Residencies. When the Med-Peds residents rotate through the categorical residencies, they attend and participate fully in each of these conferences.

Internal Medicine Conferences

Pediatric Conferences