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PGY2 – Class of 2025

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Zoey Del Pinto
Medical School: The Ohio State UniversityZoey Del Pinto
Hometown: All over the U.S.
Career aspiration: Unsure, something that will lend itself to global health
Hobbies: Going to the dog park, propagating all of my house plants, rewatching the same shows on Netflix over and over.
Why did you choose UMKC:I loved the way the residents interacted with each other and truly are friends! I loved my interview, esp. with Dr. Julian, who just seemed like the biggest advocate for his residents and helping them find their niche in medicine. I had also been to KC before and fell in love with the city, the people, and all of the fountains.Who inspires you: In medicine, my mentor Dr. Rachael McGuirk at OSU. I wouldn’t be where I am today without her guidance, and every interaction she has with a patient makes their day a little brighter. In life, my niece Emillia. I hope to live every day with the same excitement, vulnerability, and awe.
Where do you live in Kansas City: South Plaza Nieghborhood
Lauren Fay
Medical School: University of Utah School of MedicineLauren Fay
Hometown: Nephi, UT
Career aspiration: Primary care vs maybe a subspecialty with a good mix of acute care and whole-person longitudinal care.
Hobbies:Running at an aggressively average pace while listening to books on tape or podcasts, spending time outdoors with friends and family, trying new restaurants, creative nonfiction and poetry.Why did you choose UMKC: The residents and leadership I met on interview day were some of the most authentic, kind, and downright funny people I ever met on the interview trail—in short, people I really wanted to work with. UMKC also has incredible opportunities to serve and learn from patients from all walks of life at three very different hospitals. On top of that, Med-Ped residents and faculty here are avidly involved in med ed, advocacy, and leadership, and I’m excited to get to work with and learn from strong Med-Peds leaders and clinicians in a variety of different settings.
Who inspires you: My family, my fellow residents, and all the constructive nonconformists out there busting up the status quo.
Where do you live in Kansas City: Waldo
Angela Fu
Medical School: University of Texas Medical BranchDr. Angela Fu
Hometown: Plano, TX
Career aspiration: Being Med-Peds, in true fashion I would love to continue to serve all age groups in my future career. What that looks like is still up in the air! I really enjoy infectious disease, with the flexibility of inpatient, consults, or being primary for a specific population. I preference the acuity of inpatient and seeing patients improve daily, but definitely respect building relationships in clinic. No matter what, I want to continue to look for routes to continue to serve in global health.
Hobbies: I love to cook! When I get extra time to myself, I make sure to try and make something that takes a while, such as Taiwanese beef noodle soup, one of my favorites. Extra time in the morning means I get to savor the experience of making coffee – I have been experimenting with espressos and phin (Vietnamese brewing method). I also play with my cat, who is mad I am not home all the time anymore. Have found a few social dancing places in KC, so if you’re interested in joining/learning, ask away!
Why did you choose UMKC: I wanted to challenge myself with a new environment. I thoroughly enjoyed the conversations I had during my interview, even though it was virtual. Being here has solidified that the people here are true gems, from the residents and faculty, to staff in the hospital, and even the patients. The work is tough, sometimes thankless, but needed.
Who inspires you: Several people inspire me, so it is hard for me to really pick one person. My cliché answer is my mother, who always puts her best foot forward no matter what she does! Always giving to others, always loving her family and everyone around her. She works, serves in church, and still cooks for the family (even though she hates cooking). She is also one of the humblest people I know, and she always keeps my pride in check 😉 Tough love, but I would not have it any other way.
Where do you live in Kansas City: I live in River Market District. When looking for housing, I wanted somewhere convenient where I could walk around on my days off instead of driving. I really enjoy the vibe and the random things I stumble across when exploring. Being close the City Market is also a plus!
Phil Jurasinski
Medical School: Des Moines UniversityPhil Jurainski
Hometown: Milwaukee, WI, and Las Vegas, NV
Career aspiration: Not completely sure yet, but I am thinking hospital medicine, critical care, or infectious disease.
Hobbies: Art, singing, baking, cooking, working out
Why did you choose UMKC: I wanted to be at a program that has a “Midwest nice” vibe that would be academically challenging and provide both strong pediatric and internal medicine training. Kansas City has a barbeque and foodie culture that is incredible, and also so much variety in the things you can do!
Who inspires you: Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Also my paternal grandmother, who is one of the kindest people I have every known, and my mom, who is a three time survivor of breast cancer.
Where do you live in Kansas City: Westport area
Tala Nashawati
Medical School: The Ohio State University College of MedicineTala Nashawati
Hometown: Canton, OH
Career aspiration: Undecided! Hopefully I can combine inpatient and outpatient medicine, whatever I end up doing.
Hobbies: I love to read and do my own creative writing. I also spend a lot of time watching Netflix and playing video games on my Nintendo Switch. To stay active, I like MMA, volleyball, and tennis! And finally, I love spending time with my two cats, Alice and Chihiro.
Why did you choose UMKC: Even through Zoom, the vibes of UMKC’s med-peds community really shined through on my interview day. Everyone seemed like someone I could be friends with, and I felt I could be my genuine self during the interview. I was also really attracted to the diversity of experiences I would get with a huge academic children’s hospital, a safety net hospital like Truman, and Saint Luke’s as well. Plenty of opportunity!
Who inspires you: My parents. My partner. All the incredible physicians who’ve paved the way!
Where do you live in Kansas City: Westport
Rachel Oldfather
Medical University of Minnesota Medical SchoolDr. Rachel Oldfather
Hometown: St. Paul, MN
Career aspiration: Some sort of transitional medicine niche with both inpatient and outpatient time
Hobbies: Being outside, canoeing, crafts, long walks to nowhere, being with my friends.
Why did you choose UMKC: It was tough to get vibes during the virtual interview season, but on my notes during my UMKC interview, I had written “this feels right” and I’m so glad I listened to my gut. I also knew I wanted to work primarily at a county hospital and also a free-standing pediatrics hospital, UMKC is one of few programs that have both. That, and also having family nearby was a huge plus!
Who inspires you: My big sister – she supports me, challenges me, and inspires me every day. I have also been incredibly inspired by my co-interns!
Where do you live in Kansas City: River Market