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PGY3 – Class of 2023

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Caitlin Armstrong
Armstrong, CaitlinMedical School: UMKC SOM
Hometown: Kansas City, KS
Career aspirations: I am interested in adolescent medicine and endocrinology, but also hospital medicine and primary care. We shall see.
Hobbies: I love movies, and make a point to support my local theaters. I especially love horror movies and anime. I am also really into art, music, and stand up comedy. I like to see live shows whenever I can. I make art sometimes but alas I cannot make music, I just appreciate it. I’m also really trying to enjoy cooking and exercise, its a work in progress.
Why did you choose UMKC? I fell in love with med peds because of our program. I love the culture and the people that make it the way that it is. As soon as I decided on med peds, I basically had decided on UMKC med peds, it just feels like home here. I love the differences in the institutions and the diversity in patient population. You get exposure to a huge range of environments and pathologies. Also the food is real good.
What do you like to do in Kansas City? My entire family is in KC, so I really love to spend time with them when I can. I spend most of my free nights eating dinner at my older sister’s because she is an amazing cook and always lets me mooch, and I get to play with my 2 year old niece Eve who brings me endless joy. I also love the live music scene, and omg the restaurants. I love to try new restaurants, but its equally satisfying being a regular at my favorite places like Tiki Taco and Ashleigh’s Bake Shop.
What inspires you? When it comes down to it, patients and families always remind me why I’m here. I just like people and relating to one another on a basic human level. Sometimes there’s nothing more satisfying that just a nice conversation about diet and exercise.
Where do you live in Kansas City? I live at Union Hill Apartments.
Daniel Merrill
Dan MerrillMedical School: Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences (KCU)
Hometown: Byron, IL
Career aspirations: Med/peds Hospitalist
Hobbies: Soccer, racketball, NCAA basketball (go BYU!), Netflix with my wife after the kids go down to sleep.
Why did you choose UMKC? I knew a prior med/peds Cheif at UMKC who was instrumental in opening my eyes into the med/peds world. Also, the down the earth residents and the surprisingly deep conversations I was able to have with the staff on interview day was great in differentiating this program from the rest. Plus I love KC!
What do you like to do in Kansas City? Well, I’m married with 2 kids so currently it’s all about the KC zoo, Dianna Rose Farmstead, parks/playgrounds, and hiking.
What inspires you? My wife has supported my struggles all throughout my medical education and continues to keep me grounded. I also have great faith in Jesus Christ which prompts me to be better person each day.
Where do you live in Kansas City? We bought a home about 12 minutes east of work and live close to all your typical amenities however we are far enough away to hear a rooster crow each and every morning.
Taylor Needham
Needham, TaylorMedical School: University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
Hometown: Van Buren, AR
Career aspirations: Med/Peds Hospitalist, possibly Palliative Care or ID
Hobbies: Tennis, Seeing a movie with buttery popcorn, Coffee shop
Why did you choose UMKC? It felt like the residents and faculty had read every part of my application; they were the most interested in me as a person and made me feel like they chose me to come and interview based on my educational goals and previous achievements
What do you like to do in Kansas City? Walking the trail in Mill Park, Q39 BBQ, Roller coasters at World of Fun, Tabletop games at Spanky’s Card Shop
What inspires you? My family, who support me from hours away. My friends, both the new here in KC and the old scattered across the country. And my patients, who help me to be a better doctor everyday
Where do you live in Kansas City? Plaza
Jennifer Paumen
Paumen, JenniferMedical School: University of Minnesota Medical School
Hometown: Silver Lake, Minnesota
Career aspirations: Med-Peds primary care will likely be a major part of my future practice, but I love inpatient work as well and ideally would love to do both. I also want to continue to incorporate community advocacy and global health into my career.
Hobbies: playing with my puppy, running, hiking, fishing, disc golf, dance, yoga, reading, and spending as much time with family and friends as possible
Why did you choose UMKC? It felt like a place I would be challenged and supported to grow into the kind of physician I aspire to be. The program had every aspect that I was looking for- a Med-Peds clinic that serves a diverse patient population, both private and safe-net training hospitals, pediatric hospital that cares for a large geographical area, advocacy/global health education and opportunities, etc. Plus, everyone I met on my interview seemed truly happy and supportive of each other, and the leadership was clearly passionate about the program and the residents.
What do you like to do in Kansas City? My husband, puppy, and I have enjoyed exploring the parks and hiking trails around the city along with enjoying new restaurants with new friends. Looking forward to exploring the river market, museums, and seeing some Royals games.
What inspires you? People dedicated to their individual growth and the growth of others. Those making a difference in the lives of others, in our world, and in our future.
Where do you live in Kansas City? We live north of the river.
Kevin Wang
Wang, KevinMedical School: Des Moines University
Hometown: Vancouver, BC
Career Aspirations: A healthy combination of primary care, public health, pulm/crit, Peds Card and adult GI.
Hobbies: Doing absolutely nothing, plants, day dreaming about getting a dog, planning my next vacation, hiking, naps, and working out.Why did you choose UMKC? Fun, down to earth residents, top notch pediatric hospital, safety net adult hospital and a fun Midwest city with excellent food and cheap gas.What do you like to do in Kansas City? Museums, plaza people watching, checking out new restaurants, jazz bars
What inspires you? My family, my patients, Meredith Palmer
Where do you live in Kansas City? Westport
Samantha Winstead
Winstead, SamanthaMedical School: University of Illinois College of Medicine- Rockford
Hometown: Illinois City, IL
Career aspirations: Rural Primary Care- Combined Inpatient & Outpatient
Hobbies: running, cooking with my husband, exploring KC, traveling whenever possible, and reading sci-fi or whatever seems interesting at the moment
Why did you choose UMKC? Strong primary care support and dinner. I already thought that UMKC might be a strong fit, because I was looking for a program that historically supported their primary care grads well. The faculty here were so genuinely interested in my goals and me as a person. The cherry on top was dinner next to Anna Leu- I may or may not have ordered a salad at a BBQ place after the waitress so heavily recommended it. The salad was…unfortunate…and before I knew it some stranger was sliding brisket and cheesy corn onto my plate. The residents are hilarious, friendly, and made dinner the highlight of my interview season. Also, I couples matched with my husband Hunter (EM), and with their outstanding program, it was a great fit.What do you like to do in Kansas City? Eat chili pepper wontons at Blue Koi, watch people bake at the 3 level coffeeshop/ bakery Messenger + Ibis, play mini golf at the Nelson-Atkins Museum, run along the Berkley Riverfront trail, invite family & friends to town to eat BBQ at Joes, pretend I’m part of the Fab 5 from Queer Eye #KC, explore the many breweries and First Fridays with friends
What inspires you? My family, who have worked hard their whole lives, and make me the person and doc I try to be. Thanks fam, love you!
Where do you live in Kansas City? Union Hill