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PGY4- Class of 2022

Med Peds Interns 2018
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Charles Maloy
Medical School: Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine.
Hometown: Tulsa, OK
Career Aspirations: Med/Peds Hospitalist
Hobbies: Game nights, golf, reading, movies, traveling with my wife, and playing with our two dogs
Why did you choose UMKC? II had a great couple of days on my interview, the residents and faculty were very friendly and welcoming The Medicine and Pediatrics programs are both strong, and the three hospitals give plenty of diversity in training. Most importantly, the Med/Peds residents were obviously a tight knit group and truly seemed to enjoy their time at UMKC.
What do you like to do in Kansas City? My wife and I enjoy eating at new restaurants and there is so much selection in Kansas City. We also really enjoy going to the River Market. I’m looking forward to going to some Chiefs and Royals games. Also, the World War I museum is incredible.
What inspires you? My family and friends are always supportive and loving and inspire me through the good days and bad days.
Where do you live in Kansas City? Fairway (homeowner).
Rachel Warnert
Med school: University of Minnesota – Twin Cities
Hometown: St. Joseph, MN
Career aspirations: I would like to work in a medical center in a smaller community doing combined inpatient/outpatient work.
Hobbies: I love swimming, puzzles, and watching my favorite shows on repeat on Netflix. I am passionate about hockey (aka, the greatest sport there ever is, was, or will be).
Why did you choose UMKC? I enjoyed all of my conversations and experiences on interview day, and it seemed like a great fit. I could feel the passion the program leadership, faculty, and staff all have for the program and felt that it is an inspiring place to learn and grow as a physician.
What do you like to do in Kansas City? I’m excited to get to know the music and food scene in KC (I’m told BBQ is a thing here) and look forward to catching a few Royals games when the MN Twins are in town!
What inspires you? Seeing people make positive change in their lives and pursue their dreams with passion and intention.
Where do you live in Kansas City? Meadowbrook Heights neighborhood.
Johana Mejias-Beck
Med school: Loyola University Chicago – Stritch School of Medicine
Hometown: Boulder, Colorado
Career aspirations: Med-Peds hospitalist and primary care; academic medicine
Hobbies: outdoors (camping, hiking), road biking, swimming, tough mudders/spartan races, puzzles, cooking
Why did you choose UMKC? The people. My interviews were so pleasant and engaging. The residents were happy, kind, genuine, and funny! I’m a gut-feel type of person, and interview day just felt right to me. I remember calling my husband and family right after and telling them that I had found the place!
What do you like to do in Kansas City? Eat BBQ. Enjoy the open spaces. Walk around the many different neighborhoods that have a lot of character and charm. Take our golden doodle to the dog parks and open spaces! Drink coffee from the many different coffee shops around the city!
What inspires you? My husband and family, my life journey.
Where do you live in Kansas City
? Prairie Village
Sindhura Pisipati
Sindhura PisipatiMed school: University of Missouri Kansas City
Hometown: Naperville, IL
Career aspirations: I would like to become a Med-Peds Hospitalist, dividing my time equally between the two fields. I also hope to be involved in global health and volunteer my time abroad in any way that I can.
Hobbies: I enjoy learning, performing and teaching dance; hiking; and traveling
Why did you choose UMKC? I chose UMKC because of the people. As a UMKC student, I had the benefit of having a first-hand glimpse of the Med-Peds department. The faculty and residents are extremely welcoming and generous. They readily give their valuable time to help you. In addition to the people, I knew that UMKC will provide amazing training that will help me to reach my career goals.
What do you like to do in Kansas City? Kansas City is a small city, but it is not at all a quiet city. There is always something to do and something everyone will enjoy.
What inspires you? My ultimate inspiration is my Uncle, who was an amazing physician and role model in our family. I aspire to be like him.
Where do you live in Kansas City? Westport
Gayathri Kumar
Med school: University of Missouri Kansas City
Hometown: Wichita, KS
Career aspirations: Critical care or med/peds hospitalist, global health
Hobbies: reading, gardening, finding the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe, exploring KC and snuggling my pup.
Why did you choose UMKC? Over the past 6 years, I’ve fallen in love with Kansas City. This city and the program at UMKC have a lot of heart. Throughout medical school, I was able to work with several Med/Peds residents, and I was impressed with how genuine and bright they are. Also, the faculty at UMKC are incredibly supportive and compassionate. I love the diversity in our patient population across the three hospitals and feel privileged to be able to work with the underserved population of KC.
What do you like to do in Kansas City? River Market is my favorite part of town. I enjoy walking by the river, going to farmer’s markets, exploring new coffee shops and the KC restaurant scene.
What inspires you? My parents, patients, and perfect cups of tea.
Where do you live in Kansas City? Downtown.
Andrew Shore
Med school: College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific
Hometown: Claremont, California
Career aspirations: Med/Peds primary care, Med/Peds hospitalist, and global/refugee health.
Hobbies: Hiking, baking, tea blending, gardening, playing board games.
Why did you choose UMKC? The people, the quality of training, and the city.
What do you like to do in Kansas City? Exploring parts of the city I haven’t seen yet, finding new coffee shops and restaurants, listening to live music, running in the park.
What inspires you? My family, my friends, and my mentors.
Where do you live in Kansas City? Still looking to buy or rent a home