Medicine / Pediatrics

Residents Research Listing

Dr. Carroll presenting at research conference.


Research Presentations

Quality Improvement: Automating a Well Child Visit
Dan Merrill

Quality Improvement: Impact of High Flow Nasal Cannula on Resource Utilization in Bronchiolitis
Scott Biggerstaff

Improving Frequency and Value of the Medicare Wellness Visit
Anna Nicek and Grant Parker

Feasibility of Graded Oral Penicillin Challenge Testing for Penicillin Allergic Patients in Primary Care Clinic
Matthew Warren and Kaitlin Wittler


Research Presentations

Quality Improvement: Retention of Infants in Med/Peds Clinic
Nicholas Gier and Micah Warren

A Diagnostic Stewardship Intervention to Improve Utilization of 1,3-Beta-D-Glucan Testing
Jonathan Kendall

Improving Written Patient Handoff Summary By Implementing a Standardized Tool Within the EMR
Kristen Jones, Andre Koop, and Olivia Kwan

Improving Pediatric Patient  Numbers in MedPeds Continuity Clinic
Joanne Loethen

Published article: Effect of Trainee Participation on Accurate Sizing of Polyps Detected During Screening Colonoscopy (Retrospective chart review in 2020)
Dan Merrill

Published Article: Impact of GI Fellow Participation on Polyp Resection Technique During Screening Colonoscopy (Retrospective chart review in 2020)
Dan Merrill



Research Presentations

Presenting a poster and pediatric pulmonary case report at the annual CHEST meeting in Toronto Canada 10/29-31st A Rare Case of Isolated Pauciimmune Pulmonary Capillaritis in a Child.
Jonathan Kendall

Quality improvement: Preventing pediatric dental carries through routine fluoride application.
Jeremy Jennings

Quality improvement: Improving Access to Educational Materials During Well Child Examinations for Arabic-Speaking Population.
Ramy Sayed and Aunya Cameron


Research Presentations

Platform presentation at PAS 2017 in SF, CA entitled: “Outcomes of Children with Respiratory Viruses Before Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant”
Clayton Mower

QI and poster presentation: An assessment of patient nonuse of TMC’s Online patient portal within the red clinic.
Jeremy Avila

Research and Poster Presentation: Relation of Sex and Age to Electrocardiographic Patterns Found on Cardiovascular Screening in Student Athletes.
Jared Willard

Quality improvement project and poster presentation: Improving Clinic Continuity in Resident Run Internal Medicine and Pediatrics Clinic”
Jamesia Durden

Case and poster presentation: Acute Obstructive Nephropathy and Tumor Lysis Syndrome as the Initial Presentation for Sporadic Burkitt Lymphoma
Simmi Arora


Research Presentations

Handoffs: A Survey of TMC Night Float
Jacqueline  Kitchen
Dr. Sara Gardner

A Retrospective Analysis of Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy in Patients With and Without Pathologic Confirmation of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
Nick Madden
Dr. David Schomas

Advanced Directives in Primary Care
Trey Thomason, DO
Leah Brandon

Tdap: a reflection of adult Vaccinations
Heather Doss
James Kim
Dr. Sara Gardner


Research Presentations

Delay in note completion affecting patient care
Kevin Wherry

Etiologies of Neurologic Deterioration in the First 30 days Following Ischemic Stroke
Kristin Hirni
Iftikar Ahmed

Blood Pressure management in the outpatient clinic
Kristy Jones

Title Esophageal band ligation in the Pediatric patient: A 15year review
Peter Rogers
James Daniels

Improving comprehensive diabetes care
Jennifer Nguyen
Emily Haury

Adult Health Maintenance Project
Jennifer Paisley


Research Presentations

Quality Improvement: Hepatitis B Vaccination Rates Among Diabetics in The Center for Family Health
Casey Williaman, MD
Matt Schmitt, MD
Sara Gardner, MD

Screening for Diabetic Neuropathy in the Med-Peds Resident Clinic: A Quality Improvement Study
Emily Haury, MD
Chris Fitzgerald, MD

ITE scores and how they relate to work hour restrictions
Carmen Storm, MD

Quality Improvement Project:  Identifying barriers to faculty attendance at Internal Medicine resident morning report at Truman Medical Center
Ashley Mathews, MD
Sara Gardner and Jean Carstensen

Comparing of the effects of adolescent obesity on cardiac functioning to known congenital heart disease
Wilt Heath
Dr William Drake


Research Presentations

Adolescent Preferences for the Use of Chaperones during Genital and Breast exams
Molly Uhlenhake, DO
Dr. Laurie Hornerger

Telemedicine echo lab would help local providers and patients
Seiji Ito, MD
Dr. Mark Gelatt-CMH

Increase patient communication related to outpatient lab results
Neal Anson, MD
Dr. Jean Carstensen

Review of the use of sildenafil in term infants less than one year of age at CMH
Nicole Poppinga, MD
Drs. William Truog and Michael Nyp

Pre and Post Outcomes on Implementation of Electronic Medication Administration Records
Alan Chan, MD
Michael Huke, Pharm D. and Melissa Gabriel, Pharm.D., BCPS

The effect of removing drug reps from the hospitals on resident medical education regarding new drugs and therapies
Matt Garrison


Research Presentations

Telemedicine Pediatric Echocardiography: 11 Years Experience at a Regional Medical Center
Presented at American Academy of Pediatrics National Conference and Exhibition
Seiji Ito, M.D.

Streptococcus Pneumoniae Causing Mycotic Aneurysm in Pediatric Patient with Coarctation of the Aorta
Presented at American Academy of Pediatrics National Conference and Exhibition
Winner of Clinical Case Presentation Med-Peds Section AAPNCE
Brian Haas, D.O.
Heath Wilt, D.O.

A Change of Heart: Comparing effects of adolescent obesity on cardiac functioning to known congenital heart disease.
Presented at CMH Research Days
Heath Wilt, D.O.

Potts Puffy Tumor: A subtle clue in a 19-year-old male convinced he has migraines.
Clinical Case Presentation runner-up AAPNCE
Heath Wilt, D.O.
Christopher Fitzgerald, M.D.


2011 Special Honors or awards:

Neal Anson, M.D. – Arms Award in Internal Medicine
UMKC School of Medicine IM Residency, June 2011

Matthew Garrison, M.D. – Medical Student Resident Teacher of the Year
Children’s Mercy Hospital, June 2011

Ashley Mathews, M.D. – Gold Humanism Honor Society
UMKC School of Medicine, 2011

Molly Uhlenhake, D.O. – Sirridge Award for Humanism in Medicine
UMKC School of Medicine, IM Residency, June 2011

Molly Uhlenhake, D.O. – Medical Staff Wives Award
Saint Luke’s Hospital, June 2011

Molly Uhlenhake, D.O. – Gold Humanism Honor Society
UMKC School of Medicine, 2011

Heath Wilt, D.O. – Med Student Resident Teacher of Year Award
Children’s Mercy Hospital, June 2010