Master of Science in Bioinformatics

Genomics Emphasis Area

genomics-lab The Genomics Emphasis Area emphasizes the use of existing software for biological analysis and the analysis of a diverse set of biological data.

Who are our students?

Students in the Genomics Emphasis Area are interested in learning to use and develop informatic tools to answer primary, hypothesis-driven research questions in the biological sciences. They generally have a very strong biology background married to experience with computer systems, including database design/administration and/or computer programming. Our students are motivated by research interests to stretch the boundaries of current computational tools for biology, and want to understand the assumptions that underlie current algorithms for analyzing data in fields such as genomics, proteomics, structural biology, and biochemistry.

What do our students do when they graduate?

Upon completion of the Genomics Emphasis Area our students should be attractive candidates for jobs in industry, leading teams to produce informatic solutions to biological research problems. In addition, they may seek positions in academics pursuing the development of computational tools and shaping hypothesis driven research. Their skills will be in demand when people who are primarily biologists need to interact and communicate with computer scientists.

All students must take four core courses:

Students in the Genomics Emphasis Area must also take these seven courses:

  • Cell and Molecular Biology I (LSCBB 5530)
  • Biochemistry I (LSMBB 5561)
  • Cell and Molecular Biology II (LSCBB 5520)
  • Biochemistry II (LSMBB 5562)
  • Evolution (BIOL 5519)
  • Database Design/Management (CS 470 or 471)
  • Bioinformatics and Data Analysis (BIOL 5525)

Students who have already met the requirements of some of the courses listed above may petition to substitute an elective before taking the course. Students should work with their advisor to determine the most appropriate electives. A list of suggested electives is below:

  • Mammalian Physiology (BIOL 5534)
  • Neurobiology (BIOL 5542)
  • Graduate Biophysical Principles (LSCBB 5501)
  • Graduate Virology (LSCBB 5504)
  • Membrane Biochemistry and Biophysics (LSCBB 5566)
  • Developmental Biology (LSMBB 5509)
  • Structure and Function of Proteins (LSMBB 5565)

Students may suggest additional electives.

Students in the Genomics Emphasis Area must complete a six credit hour thesis.