New procedure in place for Graduate Faculty appointments

The UMKC Graduate Council has implemented a new procedure for appointing Graduate Faculty members beginning with the 2011 Fall Semester.

Faculty members from the individual academic units will initiate nominations for membership in the Graduate Faculty. Names of proposed Graduate Faculty members, once approved by the academic dean, must be sent to the Dean of the School of Graduate Studies each year before Sept. 30. Proposed appointments of adjunct graduate faculty members should be submitted at the same time.

Faculty members are no longer required to submit applications to the School of Graduate Studies for graduate faculty appointments.

The Graduate Dean will make the appointments with the approval of the graduate faculty.

No changes have been made in the procedures for appointing Doctoral faculty.

For additional information about Graduate and Doctoral Faculty appointments, go to the School of Graduate Studies website or contact Ronald MacQuarrie, Ph.D., consultant for the School of Graduate Studies, at or 235-1161.


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