Noted alumna, author presents 2011 Sirridge lecture

Sue Hall, M.D., ’83, presented the Marjorie S. Sirridge, M.D., Outstanding Women in Medicine Lecture following a book signing for her new book, For the Love of Babies, at the School of Medicine on Sept. 27.

Sue Hall, M.D., ’83, returned to the School of Medicine on Sept. 27 as the 2011 Marjorie S. Sirridge, M.D., Annual Outstanding Women in Medicine Lectureship speaker. She discussed her experiences as a neonatologist and shared the top 10 things she has learned throughout her career.

Hall stressed that premature births are a public health issue. Things in the NICU have evolved during her career, she said. For example, today there is better nutrition for the babies. We have also experienced technologic developments and provide private rooms for the babies and their families. These changes, among others, have increased the survival rate for babies.

As she shared her “Top 10 Things I’ve Learned,” she read excerpts from her book FOR THE LOVE OF BABIES: One Doctor’s Stories About Life in the Neonatal ICU and from A Mother’s Story by Marianne Leone, making sure she shared perspectives of the doctors as well as those of the patients and parents. FOR THE LOVE OF BABIES, which was published in June, tells the stories of 16 newborns and their families as they go through the NICU experience.

(Hear excerpts of Dr. Hall’s “Top 10” things she’s learned as a neonatologist)

She pointed out the importance of practicing humane medicine. “As a former social worker, I had a social, emotional and ethical broad perspective of the NICU,” she said.

Her background is also what sparked a desire in working with babies. “Getting into neonatology stemmed from my work with special education and social work,” Hall said. “ I knew I wanted to be there from the beginning. I wanted a role in helping babies get a good start.”

Immediately before her lecture, Hall signed copies of her book in the med school lobby.


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