Obstetrics & Gynecology


The Obstetrics and Gynecology program of the University of Missouri-Kansas City is proud to have a group of alumni who are still very involved in the community surrounding UMKC and the Obstetrics & Gynecology residency.

Youngblood Society

The Youngblood Society is the name of the alumni group for the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Medicine OB/GYN Department. It was formed in 1997 and the group is named after our former Chairman Dr. James P. Youngblood, MD. Dr. Youngblood was also the former president of ACOG and chairman of the UMKC OB/GYN department. The society aims to promote resident education, support department research, and enhance patient care.  Find out more about the Youngblood Society.

Class of 2022

Christopher Trammell Cox, M.D.
Maternal Fetal Medicine Fellowship, Albuquerque, NM

Elizabeth Lee Dempsey, M.D.
Private Practice, Overland Park, KS

Allyssa Nichole Kays, M.D.
Private Practice, Kansas City, MO

Allyson Kornfeld, M.D.
Private Practice, Jensen Beach FL

Bilal Ahmed Muzaffar, M.D.
Private Practice, Tulsa, OK

Jackyline S. Prestosa, M.D.
Assistant Professor, University of Hawaii, Oahu, HI

Benjamin Kwabena Quarshie, M.D.
Private Practice, Atlanta, GA

Jasmine L. Tibon (Haller), M.D.
Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery Fellowship, San Antonio, TX

Alumni Spotlight.

OBGYN residency training can be grueling yet career affirming. The choice to learn in a supportive environment is what makes the experience unforgettable. UMKC provides the landscape to becoming a great OBGYN, nurturing each learner’s strengths and weaknesses to ultimately be the best physician possible. Emphasizing academic rigor and dedication to patient care, the UMKC faculty and staff set the stage for the rest of your career. No idea is too big, or too small, when it comes to resident-led changes within the program. I am eternally grateful for the education I received while at UMKC. I value most the feeling of graduating as a competent, confident gynecologic surgeon. That, along with the lifelong friendships the UMKC family provides, makes the training I received at UMKC comprehensive and unforgettable. 

Kathleen Sue Thill-Walnick, MD, MPH
Private Practice, Overland Park, KS

Class of 2021

Kristen Nicole Bartucci, MD
Private Practice, Arlington Heights, IL

Zenobia Thresa Gonsalves, MD
Medical Genetics Fellowship, New York, NY

Monica L Kao, MD, MPH
Complex Family Planning Fellowship, Pittsburgh, PA

Paige Monnet, MD
Private Practice, Vail, CO

Neil Patel, MD
Maternal Fetal Medicine Fellowship, Lexington, KY

Alexis Marie Vollmar, MD
Academic Faculty, University of Missouri-Kansas City, Kansas City, MO

Alumni Spotlight.

Alexis Marie Vollmar, M.D.When I look back over the last four years, I realize how much I have learned in such a short amount of time. This program teaches dedication, responsibility, proficiency, and holds high expectations of its residents. What you don’t realize is, as you are growing professionally, this program nurtures lifelong friendships, celebrates the “whole person,” and is just downright fun! I will cherish the memories I made during residency with my co-residents, staff, and nurses, and look forward to making new ones as I take on a new role as faculty. I take pride in our program and can’t wait to continue to promote excellence in women’s health care here at UMKC. Future residents, these will be the hardest years of your life, but I would not have wanted to spend it anywhere else.

Class of 2020

Emily M. Clark, M.D.
Private Practice, Shawnee Mission, KS

Max S. Holtz M.D., M.P.H.
Academic Clinician, University of Texas-Austin, TX

Avery Dawn Legg, D.O.
Private Practice and Faculty at University of Missouri-Kansas City-Lees Summit, MO

Alumni Spotlight.

Avery LeggResidency is a time full of challenges both mentally and physically, but also a time of incredible personal growth and development like you have never experienced before. Looking back, I can’t imagine going through those experiences without the incredibly supportive residents, nursing staff and faculty at UMKC. The friendships I developed the last 4 years (with both co-residents and faculty) will be ones that I cherish for a lifetime to come. During my time at UMKC I saw so many positive changes in our program particularly when it comes to resident education and learning. I know that would not have been possible if it were not for the drive of our residents to continually make improvements to our program and the dedication and commitment of our faculty to make us the best OBGYNs we can be. There is no shortage in the complexity and diversity of both patients and disease processes that you will encounter at UMKC and because of that you will leave with the knowledge and skills to tackle anything in your future career. As you can see from the list of alumni, many of us stay in the KC area to practice after residency. A huge testament to the wonderful city that KC is and the great relationship we have with so many of our local OBGYN colleagues. I am so blessed to be staying within the UMKC family and am excited to continue to serve patients in the KC area.

Cicy Zidong Li, M.D.
Private Practice, Kansas City, MO

Jillian D. Moore, D.O.
Private Practice, Kansas City, MO

Spenser Harvey Perloff, M.D.
Private Practice and Faculty at University of Missouri-Kansas City-Lees Summit, MO

Morgan N. Richards, D.O.
Junior Faculty, University of Oklahoma-Tulsa, Tulsa, OK

Anne Katherine Smith, M.D.
Fellowship-Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology, Phoenix, AZ

Class of 2019

Bhavisha Bhakta, D.O.
Private Practice-Mansfield, TX

John Cooper, M.D.
Private Practice-Farmington, MO

Tobias Limperg, M.D.
Fellowship-Minimally Invasive Gynecologic Surgery, Vanderbilt Medical Center, Nashville, TN

 Alumni Spotlight.

Meghen Bokemper

Residency at UMKC delivered on many fronts. At the end of 4 intense years, I left Kansas City with a wealth of knowledge, experience, skills, friendships, and let’s not forget stories, under my belt. Kansas City was a great backdrop to learn about everything OBGYN. In my first 2 months of residency, I kept track of the amount of different nationalities that we served: 29! Through its diversity of practice settings, the program prepares residents well for either fellowship, an academic position, or private practice. Comradery among the residents has been a longstanding selling point of the program, and I have confidence that it will continue to offer a supportive learning environment. And now that residency is finished and it’s time for new adventures, it is a reassuring thought that sound advice from one of the attending staff is always just one phone call away.

Michele Markey, M.D.
Junior Faculty, University of Oklahoma, Tulsa, OK

Monica Neugebauer Franzen, M. D.
Private Practice-Kansas City, MO

Fatima Shekhani, M.D.
Private Practice-Baltimore MD

Rebecca Ward, D.O.
Private Practice-Kansas City, MO

Emily Williams
Fellowship-Maternal Fetal Medicine, University of Missouri-Kansas City, Kansas City, MO


Class of 2018


Meghen Bokemper, M.D.
Private Practice-Lincoln, NE

 Alumni Spotlight.

Meghen Bokemper

I cannot say enough how thankful I am for the training I received at UMKC! Working at a variety of hospitals and alongside numerous highly qualified sub-specialists and generalists in the field of obstetrics and gynecology provided me with a wide variety of experiences in residency. The breadth and depth of training prepared me for taking care of patients in private practice. Living in Kansas City during residency was also a wonderful experience, and I greatly enjoyed all the activities the city had to offer.  I am thankful for each surgery I scrubbed into, every delivery I was a part of, and most of all the lasting relationships I formed with both the residents and faculty during my time at UMKC.

Emily Gray, M.D.
Private Practice and Faculty at University of Missouri-Kansas City-Lees Summit, MO

Elizabeth Hahn, M.D.
Private Practice and Faculty at University of South Dakota-Rapid City, SD

Jonathan Hufford, M.D.
Private Practice-Greenville, SC

Kelsey Lee Wagner, M. D.
Private Practice-Waterloo, IA

Lyda Pung, D. O. M. S.
Private Practice-Independence, MO

Aaron Varghese, M.D.
Assistant Professor, University of Rochester School of Medicine, Rochester, NY



Class of 2017


Megan Brown, M.D.
Private Practice – Shawnee Mission, KS

Denise Cardenal, M.D.
Private Practiced – West Palm Beach, FL

Brian Lovitt, D.O.
Private Practice – North Kansas City, MO

Sarah Nazeer, M.D.
Private Practice – Louisville, KY

Jennifer Reeves, M.D.
Emory University School of Medicine, Family Planning Fellowship – Atlanta, GA

Maria Ruiz, D.O.
Columbia University Medical Center, Gynecologic Oncology Fellowship – New York, NY

Tabitha Schrufer-Poland, M.D., Ph.D.
University of Missouri-Kansas City, Maternal Fetal Medicine Fellowship – Kansas City, MO

Alexis White, M.D.
Faculty – University of Arkansas for Medical Science, Little Rock, AR

 Alumni Spotlight.

UMKC is an amazing program with many different learning environments.  Because we rotate at multiple hospitals, I had the opportunity to learn from many attendings in all sub-specialties in different settings such as private practice, academics and in between. Each hospital had different protocols, EMRs and products which gave me the flexibility to move onto my next job with ease.  My training experience at UMKC fully prepared me for my career as an academic clinician.  This program also gave me many lifelong friendships. In fact, my fellow residents feel more like family and we have remained close even though we have moved away from each other.  I am grateful for my time and training at UMKC and feel confident that I have gained the knowledge and experience to provide exceptional patient care. 

Class of 2016

Yonghee Cho, M.D.
Penn State College of Medicine, Minimally Invasive Gynecologic Surgery Fellowship – Hershey, PA

Olivia Dziadek, M.D.
Private Practice – Houston, TX

 Alumni Spotlight.

I feel that UMKC’s residency in ObGyn has provided me with a strong foundation for private practice. The program provided an open and warm environment, adequate volume of obstetrical and gynecological cases, along with guidance necessary to excel independently in general ObGyn practice. I wiIl always cherish the faculty and staff at the teaching hospitals through which we rotated as residents. I am grateful to the teaching staff at UMKC for nurturing us from internship to chief year, and for the friendships created during the past four years. Good luck to all pursuing their dreams.


Kristen Fried, M.D.
Private Practice – St. Paul, MN

Kathryn McEvoy Goins, M.D.
Private Practice – Gallup, NM

Annalise James Hussain, M.D.
Private Practice – Chicago, IL

Aubrey O’Connor, M.D.
Private Practice – Kansas City, MO

Melissa McKean Quinn, M.D.
Private Practice – Austin, TX

Laura Wolfe, M.D.
Private Practice – Kansas City, MO

Class of 2015

Jessica Bare, M.D.
Private Practice – Fort Collins, CO

Jessica Blount, M.D.
Private Practice – Colorado Springs, CO

Jessica Curry, M.D.
Private Practice – Quincy, IL

Meghan Hurt, M.D.
Private Practice – Kansas City, MO

Crystal Meacham, D.O.
Private Practice – Lee’s Summit & Kansas City, MO

Abrea Roark, D.O.
Private Practice – New Ulm, MN

 Alumni Spotlight.

It was truly a privilege to train at UMKC. I had an outstanding experience during my 4 years at UMKC. I had the opportunity to rotate at three hospitals, learning from multiple physicians with a variety of medical experiences. Learning from different generalists and sub-specialists allowed me to have a variety of opinions to learn from and really develop my personal style of how I wanted to practice medicine. I feel that the exceptional training I had at UMKC allowed me to be well prepared and successful when I started private practice. The attendings at UMKC truly cared about us as people and physicians and went the extra mile to ensure our success in the future. I am also grateful for the lifelong friendships I made with my co-residents along the way; it was truly a family experience where we supported each other. I am confident that my training at UMKC.

Beth Carver Soulli, M.D.
Private Practice – Ames, IA

Priyanka Singh, M.D.
Private Practice – Montpelier, VT

Class of 2014

Laura Arnold, D.O.
Private Practice – Fort Worth, TX

Tara Chettiar, M.D.
Private Practice – Overland Park, KS

Matthew Connell, D.O.
National Institutes of Health, Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility Fellowship – Bethesda, MD

 Alumni Spotlight.

UMKC gave me a very strong foundation to be successful during my fellowship in reproductive endocrinology and infertility. I was well prepared for the laparoscopic and robotic cases that I encountered. Throughout my training I received many practical lessons. To this day, I still can picture certain attendings sharing their wisdom. My training at UMKC certainly helped shape the physician I am today.

Beena Green, M.D.
Private Practice – Rolla, MO

Samuel Kassar, M.D.
Private Practice – Glendora, CA

Emily Linklater, D.O.
Private Practice – Red Wing, MN

Rachel Swim, M.D.
Private Practice – Lincoln, NE