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Cornita Cannon, M.D.

Cornita Cannon M.D.Medical School: Saint Louis University School of Medicine
Bio: Hello everyone, I’m Cornita! I am from Fairview Heights, Illinois, a small town in the southern part of Illinois near St. Louis, Missouri. I went to undergrad at Xavier University of Louisiana in New Orleans, Louisiana, then Saint Louis University for medical school. In my spare time, I love to go to concerts, try new restaurants, and travel. I also collect vinyl records, and I have a pretty impressive collection so far. Additionally, I love spending time with my family and friends. I chose UMKC because I loved the familial atmosphere among the residents and faculty as well as emphasis on work life balance that I desired in a residency program. UMKC also provides great training, exposure to various aspects of Ob/Gyn, an underserved population, and fellowship opportunities. Kansas City is also close to home and provides a big city feel without the big city hassle. Also, I’m a Midwesterner at heart, so I am excited to still experience all four seasons and the fashion that goes along with that. It also offers a lot of the things I am interested in such as a great music and arts scene, wonderful food, great sports teams, and much more! I am so excited to embrace the city and get to know the amazing UMKC team which I will now call family.
What are your plans after residency? Currently, I am interested in a MFM fellowship; however, I could also see myself being a generalist. I am excited to explore the various fellowship options throughout residency!

Arhita Dasgupta, M.D.

Arhita Dasgupta M.DMedical School: University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
Bio: Hi! My name is Arhita Dasgupta. I grew up in Little Rock, Arkansas, went to the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville for undergrad, and returned to Little Rock for medical school at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences! I was drawn to OBGYN for the opportunity to learn about comprehensive medical care as well as surgery, but also because there is so much scope to advocate for our patients and their bodily autonomy. I was really drawn to UMKC because it was the only program where I felt that the PD, faculty, and residents prioritized transparency. Everybody sincerely wanted me to get a genuineidea of the kind of physician I could grow to be by joiningtheir program. It was also clear that the residents LOVED each other. I am so excited to become a part of this family. In my free time, I enjoy knitting with my kittens. I also love to cook and to try new restaurants!
What are your plans after residency? I am currently interested in pursuing a fellowship or becoming an academic generalist. I enjoy researching health disparities and structural determinants of health. I think this research in the context of GIS is particularly interesting!

Anmol Hans, M.D.

Anmol Hans, M.DMedical School: Western Michigan University Homer Stryker M.D. School of Medicine
Bio: Hey I’m Anmol! I grew up outside of Vancouver in Canada and my family moved to the US when I was 14. I spent my high school and college years in Washington State where I studied literature, neurobiology, and biochemistry at UW. Medical School thentook me to Michigan which established my interest in healthcare disparity, public policy, and serving marginalized communities. I’m also interested innarrative medicine and medical humanities as they incorporate everything I love about literature and the arts with the complexities of medicine.My hobbies include indulging my sweet tooth, freaking myself out withtrue crime stories, napping theday awayand clinging to vestiges of my Canadian identity by watching hockey. The UMKC program stood out as an incredibly friendly and happy group of people and a place where I felt I would be endlessly welcomed and supported. Kansas City is an awesome place, and I’m excited to explore the city more!
What are your plans after residency? I’mincredibly undecided about whether I’ll be a generalistor pursue a fellowship because I’m in love with everything OB/Gyn right now. Regardless, I want to gear my career towards addressing health disparities and empowering women to be active agents in their healthcare.

Henry Mishek, M.D.

Henry Mishek, M.D.Medical School: University of Nebraska Medical Center
Bio: Hello there! If you like great food, friendly people, and short commute times, the Midwest is the place to be. I was born overseas and have spent time in various countries and cultures. Honestly, it has always been a dream of mine to live in Kansas City!My journey started just a few hours north in Omaha, Nebraska when I was in the 6th grade. I went to my first Kansas City Chiefs game with my dad, and I have been to at least one game each year ever since. My wife and I are ecstatic to be closer to the stadium, the barbeque, and the vibrant culture of KC. We love attending live music, sports events, and taking our corgi Franklin on outdoor adventures. We are excited to raise our newest addition to our family, Evelyn, in a diverse and family-friendly city. Ichose UMKC because the residents were so diverse and fun to be around. I also want to work with marginalized populations in healthcare, which everyone in the program emphasized.
What are your plans after residency? Besides becoming a barbeque judge, I would love to be at an academic hospital as either a generalist or maybe GYN Oncology!

Janna Ochoa, M.D.

Janna Ochoa, M.D.Medical School: Medical College of Wisconsin
Bio: I grew up and attended medical school in Milwaukee, WI, but I went to undergrad in Springfield, MO –so I’m excited to be returning to Missouri! I come from a large family with five kids and value the sense of a close-knit community which is one of the aspects of UMKC that I truly connected with. I’m thrilled to be joining the intern class which already feels like a group of lifelong friends. I met my husband while in medical school, and he is going into anesthesiology. The two of us love to travel, try new foods, and have a constantly growing collection of plants.
What are your plans after residency? I have a feeling I will pursue a fellowship, but I like too many to say which one just yet. I am passionate about global health, so that is one plan that will certainly be in my future.

Kirstyn Powell, M.D.

Dr. Krysten PowellMedical School: Saba University School of Medicine
Bio: My name is Kirstyn (but will answer to Keer-Sten, Kristin …or even Crystal). I grew up in Saratoga Springs N.Y. attended Cornell University for undergrad and then followed my family to my current home in Chicago, IL. I took a few years off prior to medical school and dabbled in everything from living and working as a research intern in Cusco, Peru, to running the Chicago Marathon, to working as a physical therapy rehabilitation aide. I ultimately attended Saba University School of Medicine on the tiny island of Saba in the Netherlands-Antilles, and completed my clerkships at multiple hospitals in the U.S. I did the majority of my rotations at St. Luke’s in Kansas City where the OBGYN faculty and residents made me feel valued as a medical student, and became role models of the patient advocate I hope to emulate as a resident. Joining the UMKC OBGYN family was a no-brainer for me because I knew I would be supported and challenged in a place that already feels like home. Outside of the hospital I’m always down to try new breweries and restaurants. I’m so excited to finally be in one place for an extended period of time so I can adopt some plants, grow herbs to cook with and find new running routes! I’m anxiously awaiting the return of live music and being able to schedule a hiking trip to Scotland.
What are your plans after residency? I enjoy the challenge of managing difficult medical diagnoses within the MFM Specialty, but I also love the surgical specialties and being in the OR, so I am excited to explore these as fellowship opportunities.

Samantha Rios, M.D.

Samantha Rios M.D.Medical School: University of Kansas School of Medicine
Bio: Hi! I’m Sammie Rios (soon to be Janssen) and I am super excited to be staying in Kansas City for residency! I was born in Iowa City, Iowa but I was raised in Olathe, KS. I went down to New Orleans, Louisiana for undergrad at Tulane University and came back to KC for medical school at KU. I initially thought I would go into pediatrics but after discovering my love for surgery and working with/advocating for women, I chose ObGyn and haven’t looked back! UMKC blew me away on interview day. The residents were a ton of fun with a strong sense camaraderie and dedication to their training. Outside of work, I live with my fiancé, Kyle, who I met six years ago when he picked me up in an Uber (yes, he was my Uber driver). We are quite the competitive sort so we loveto play cards, golf (poorly) together, go skiing, and were recently inspired by The Queen’s Gambit to start playing chess. In my free time, I love to watch awful reality TV, sing really loud in my car, play sand volleyball, and eat. I can’t wait to become part of this incredible UMKC ObGyn family!
What are your plans after residency? I am hoping to do a fellowship in MFM or pediatric and adolescent gynecology. I would love to end up in academic medicine as I love teaching. We will see though 🙂

Taylor Tran, M.D.

Taylor Tran, M.D.Medical School: University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Medicine
Bio: Hi all! I’m Taylor and I am so excited to be one of the UMKC interns! I was actually born in one of our branch hospitals, TMC-Lakewood, and raised north of the city in Smithville. I stayed in KC for medical school where I completed the six-year BA/MD program at UMKC. I met my significant other while in medical school when he began his Neurology residency at UMKC. We have a chunky, drooly, English Bulldog named Bella. Outside of work, I love exploring new food places (KC has an awesome food scene and of course BBQ!), lifting, hiking, and watching the latest crime documentaries. I became a true UMKC “lifer” when I decided to stay for my residency. I wanted to stay at UMKC because I love how close knit the residents are with each other and how supportive the faculty is of the residents. Also, knowing I won’t get lost in the hospitals come July 1st is a definite plus.
What are your plans after residency? I’d love to pursue a fellowship in Urogynecology but I’m also open to becoming a generalist. I suppose I have four years to figure this out.