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Ebunoluwa Babalola, M.D.

Medical School:
Texas A&M University System Health Science Center College of Medicine
Bio: Born in Nigeria, I am the second of seven children. My family relocated to the United States when I was 10 years old, and settled in Texas. I attended the University of Texas at Arlington, where I received my Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing and a Master of Science in Health Care Administration. I continued to Texas A&M University to receive my Doctor of Medicine Degree. What drew me to UMKC was the opportunity to serve such a large under-served community. What I like most about the OB-GYN program are my colleagues, and the support I get from the staff and co-residents. My favorite activities outside of work are shopping, cooking, and enjoying the company of friends and family.
What is one thing that people should know about Kansas City? It is a city, not a state. There is Kansas City, Kansas, and Kansas City, Missouri
What are your plans for after residency? I plan on being a generalist OB-GYN in private practice.

Trammell Cox, M.D.

Cox, TrammellMedical School:
Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine
Bio: Hi! I’m Trammell. I grew up in Denver, Colorado, but have been all over for the past 13 years. I lived in Cambodia for two years, did undergrad at BYU in Utah, and medical school at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA. Now, my wife, two sons, and I are happy to call Kansas City home! I picked UMKC for residency because I could tell it would be a great place to train, with great co-residents. We all truly get along and help each other with the work and learning. Kansas City is also a great city to live in! There is so much to do for everyone here – whether you are single, in a relationship, have a family, pets, love the outdoors, etc. it’s all here! And we love our KC sports teams! When I’m not working, I love exploring the city with my family, playing at some of the many parks with my son, or doing some of my obscure hobbies (Legos, bookbinding, yardwork).
What is one thing that people should know about Kansas City? There is something here for everyone! Especially for lovers of BBQ.
What are your plans for after residency? Applying for MFM Fellowship.

Elizabeth Dempsey, M.D.

Dempsey, ElizabethMedical School:
University of Kansas School of Medicine
Bio: I’m originally from Topeka, KS. I attended Creighton University in Omaha, NE for undergrad where I received degrees in history and biology. I went to medical school at the University of Kansas here in Kansas City, KS. I spend most of my free time playing with my four-year-old Italian greyhound, Flynn, and helping my fiance, Wesley, remodel our new home in Prairie Village, KS. I also like to create and sew. I recently finished a surfer themed baby quilt for my nephew as well as wrote and illustrated a children’s book for my niece. I was drawn to the University of Missouri at Kansas City’s obstetrics and gynecology residency program because it’s a large academic program that spans multiple hospitals, which provides invaluable experiences in so many different areas, without losing that tight knit feeling with your fellow residents and faculty that you typically only find in smaller programs.
What is one thing that people should know about Kansas City? Honestly, there is something for everyone in KC. We have professional football (Chiefs), baseball (Royals), and soccer (Sporting KC), the Kansas City Speedway, Boulevard Brewery, loads of craft distilleries, a Renaissance fair, concerts every weekend, tons of green space, and beautiful public parks just to name a few. It doesn’t get much better than KC in the Midwest!
What are your plans for after residency?I’m currently undecided about which direction I would like to take following residency. Private practice has numerous benefits, but I’m also passionate about academic research and medical education.

Jasmine Haller, M.D.

Haller, JasmineMedical School:
University of Arkansas College of Medicine
Bio: Howdy! I am from Northwest Arkansas. I graduated from Hendrix College in 2014. I took 2 years off between undergrad and medical school. During that time, I worked as a phlebotomist at my hometown hospital and as a makeup artist for MAC Cosmetics. I went to UAMS in Little Rock, AR for medical school. I live with my partner, Leonard and our 2 kiddos: a large golden-doodle puppy, Kingston and a cat, Duchess. We love doing pet-friendly activities, going to the movies, and going to concerts (I have seen Bruno Mars 4x…it’s a problem). I was drawn to this program for many reasons. First, I was impressed by how happy the residents appeared on interview day. I can say now, that everyone is genuinely happy and loves their job! They really emphasize resident wellness here and it is an excellent environment to work in. Second, I believe this program emphasizes scholarly activity and puts you on the path to fellowship if that is what you choose. These are 2 of the things I like best about this program. I feel fully supported by my UMKC family, which I believe is crucial when working these residency hours. If a work family is what you’re looking for, UMKC is the place for you!
What is one thing that people should know about Kansas City? There is so much to do and so many restaurants to explore!! And the concert scene is on point. I am still learning all that KC has to offer!
What are your plans for after residency? I plan to pursue a FPMRS/urogynecology fellowship! I ultimately would love to work in an academic setting.

Allyssa Kays, M.D.

Kays, AllyssaMedical School:
University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Medicine
Bio: I was born and raised in Blue Springs, Missouri abut 30min south of Kansas City. I’ve lived downtown and been exploring the city for 7 years now and I’ve loved every minute of it. I went to medical school at the UMKC School of Medicine for their 6-year combined BA/MD program and loved it so much I decided I wanted to stay for residency. I’m so glad I did! I couldn’t imagine training anywhere else. Outside of residency I enjoy visiting the many coffee shops in Kansas City, watching shows like Game of Thrones and The Sopranos and cuddling with my cat. What I love most about our program is the exposure to many pathologies here as one of the main hospitals in the KC area.
What is one thing that people should know about Kansas City? There is no shortage of fun activities and great food to eat in KC.
What are your plans for after residency? I plan to find a place to work that is just as fun and energetic as here!

Allyson Kornfeld, M.D.

Kornfeld, AllysonMedical School:
Saint Louis University School of Medicine
Bio: I’m Allyson! I’m from a small town outside of St. Louis, MO. I am definitely a non-traditional applicant. I received a Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience from St. Louis Univeristy. It was here that I met my future husband Dan, a current pediatrics resident at Children’s Mercy Hospital. I did my first two years of medical school at Creighton University School of Medicine. I then transferred to St. Louis University School of Medicine to be closer to my then fiancé. We then couples-matched in Kansas City and couldn’t be more excited! Our favorite thing to do in the city is go around to all of the coffee shops and breweries. We love supporting local business and there is definitely plenty of that to do in the city. We also just got a new puppy, Georgia, who is keeping us very busy!

I really loved my interview day at UMKC and my experience with the residents. They were incredibly friendly right from the start and I felt as if I immediately made connections with them. As a current resident, that still holds true. I so enjoy coming into work to spend time with my coresidents. They, as well as the attendings, are fantastic teachers and are really dedicated to making an impact in resident education.
What is one thing that people should know about Kansas City? There really is so much to do here! We love breweries and there are no shortage of breweries popping up for us to go explore. We love to spend our weekends off exploring different breweries around the city.
What are your plans for after residency? I’m really not sure yet. I am interested in exploring fellowship options but am keeping my mind open to see what I end up loving the most!

Bilal Muzaffar, M.D.

Muzaffar, BilalMedical School:
Saba University School of Medicine
Bio: I was born in Pakistan, but after a few months I was whisked off to Ireland and then Scotland. Everyone asks me if I remember what it was like and if I ever picked up an accent. The answers to those questions are no and, sadly, no. I ended up in the good ol’ US of A, eventually settling down in Oklahoma. Fast forward through a nerdy childhood, and I end up at OU. While I set out to study microbiology, I fell into an improvisational comedy troupe. Before I knew it, I was doing open mics on my own until I finally landed work as a stand-up comedian. Yes, I got paid to do it. No, I will not tell you a joke on demand. Somewhere along the way I had a change of heart and decided to ditch the microphone for a stethoscope, sailing off to Saba University School of Medicine. I literally had to take a boat to get there. As fate would have it, I did my core OB/GYN rotation at St. Luke’s and the rest is history. While I’m not on stage anymore, you can catch me smacking away at my typewriter in the various bars and coffee shops of Kansas City.
What is one thing that people should know about Kansas City? Despite its Midwestern trappings, this place really has so much of what you would want in any major city: good food, great art, and the best people.
What are your plans for after residency? I would love to become a laborist! If they let me, I would definitely consider hopping on board as teaching faculty for the program. That should tell you something about how awesome this residency is!

Jackyline Prestosa, M.D.

Prestosa, JackylineMedical School:
University of Santo Tomas (Manila, Phillippines)
Bio: I was born and raised in the Philippines. I did OBGYN residency there and met my husband on a blind date during residency. Long story short, we got married and I moved here in the states (Hawaii). I love being an OBGYN and could not see myself in any other profession hence I decided to repeat residency all over again. Hardest decision of my life, hahaha. Just had a baby prior to residency so I was juggling being a new mom and internship at the same time. I extremely enjoyed learning new things and realizing how medicine is so different in various parts of the world. I love hanging out with friends during my spare time, but expect that I will bring along my little one. Going to the beach, Sunday breakfast, weekend home cooked meals are my stress relievers. I look forward to another adventure by staring a new chapter of my life in Kansas City MO.
What are your plans for after residency? Become a generalist and possibly start my own private practice at home in Hawaii or somewhere in the west coast.

Benjamin Quarshie, M.D.

Quarshie, Ben
Medical School:
University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine
Bio: Hello! I’m Ben, welcome to UMKC! I was born in Accra, Ghana. I went to college at The University of Chicago, and completed medical school at The University of Iowa. I love to workout so if you’re into that maybe we can go for a run sometime. Choosing UMKC just made sense to me, I felt at home, I felt I could just be myself among a tight knit group of friends and it worked out! I really like the availability of all the staff and seniors, everyone is able to assist you anytime of the day and that is really nice.
What is one thing that people should know about Kansas City? I am a vegetarian and if you are don’t be afraid! There are PLENTY of vegetarian options available for us!
What are your plans for after residency? I am not sure yet, but global health is definitely going to be a part of my career so at least that’s a first step

Kathleen Thill, M.D.

Kathleen ThillMedical School:
University of Oklahoma College of Medicine at Tulsa
Bio: I am originally from a small town in northeast Oklahoma. I went to Oklahoma State (Go Pokes!) for undergrad and then decided to take a short break from school to do Peace Corps in Tanzania, East Africa. When I got back to the States, I went to the University of Oklahoma for my MD/MPH. I enjoy spending any free time I have with my new daughter (Mara), my husband (Ben) and 2 dogs (Ida and Darwin) exploring KC and traveling. I chose UMKC because I wanted a program that would challenge me, but I also wanted to be surrounded by people that I truly enjoy working with! KC itself was also a huge draw as it is affordable and there is always something exciting happening.
What is one thing that people should know about Kansas City? More delicious food and beer than there is time!
What are your plans for after residency? General OBGYN and considering academics.