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Ebunoluwa Babalola, M.D.

Medical School:
Texas A&M University System Health Science Center College of Medicine
Bio: Born in Nigeria, I am the second of seven children. My family relocated to the United States when I was 10 years old, and settled in Texas. I attended the University of Texas at Arlington, where I received my Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing and a Master of Science in Health Care Administration. I continued to Texas A&M University to receive my Doctor of Medicine Degree. What drew me to UMKC was the opportunity to serve such a large under-served community. What I like most about the OB-GYN program are my colleagues, and the support I get from the staff and co-residents. My favorite activities outside of work are shopping, cooking, and enjoying the company of friends and family.
What is one thing that people should know about Kansas City? It is a city, not a state. There is Kansas City, Kansas, and Kansas City, Missouri
What are your plans for after residency? I plan on being a generalist OB-GYN in private practice.

Kristen Bartucci, M.D.

Kristen BartucciMedical School:
Stritch School of Medicine, Loyola University of Chicago
Bio: Hey! I’m from Chicago – Go Cubs and Bears! – and still adapting to my new city. I attended Northwestern University for undergraduate, then received a Master’s degree from Loyola University Chicago, and also attended Loyola for medical school. It was a change leaving Chicago, but learning a new city has been really exciting! Having a bike is really convenient here, and I’m trying to learn more of the cool paths to ride. It’d be great to have my dog Paulie here but he’s back with mom and dad in Chicago. Intern year is a big change but my class’ institution of “Froyo Friday” really helps with the tough days. I’m eager to learn more about the city and that was one of the reasons I was drawn to the residency. As well, the program interested me not only because people say great things about KCMO – traffic barely exists here and you can eat your weight in BBQ! – but also because the residency felt incredibly supportive. There is a real sense of community among the residents, faculty, nurses, you-name-it! I remember during my interview day noticing how the staff spoke to and associated with the residents. There was a mutual respect between everyone that resonated with me, and it was something I didn’t see in many other residencies. So I really think it’s the people that make this program the best. Hopefully, so will you!
What is one thing that people should know about Kansas City? I’m still learning the city myself, so any and all suggestions are welcome! I have been trying to get to the many breweries in the area as well as the sporting events. All are a great time. Although, Chicago sports will always be my #1.
What are your plans for after residency? I am considering a minimally invasive GYN surgery fellowship!

Zenobia Gonsalves, M.D.

Medical School:
Chicago Medical School, Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine & Science
Bio: Hi everyone! My name is Zenobia Gonsalves. I was born in India and moved to Toronto when I was 5 and then Chicago when I was 7. I went to the University of Chicago for undergrad and Chicago Medical School at Rosalind Franklin University for medical school. I ended up in Kansas City because I fell in love with the program at UMKC. I was drawn to UMKC for a number of reasons, including the large underserved population, the opportunities for research and mentorship, and most importantly the warm and friendly residents and staff I met on interview day. Outside of the hospital, I like to sleep, travel, experiment with HDR photography (flickr.com/zenobiagonsalves), and spend time with family and friends.
What is one thing that people should know about Kansas City? It never takes more than 15 minutes to get anywhere – such a wonderful change from Chicago! 🙂
What are your plans for after residency? I hope to pursue an MFM or REI fellowship after residency.

Monica Kao, M.D.

Medical School:
Saint Louis University School of Medicine
Bio: Hi, I’m Monica! I’m originally from Bloomington-Normal, IL but I’ve lived in Chicago for high school, Saint Louis for undergrad and med school, and Baltimore for an MPH in Women’s and Reproductive Health. When I’m not at work, I like discovering new places to eat, to get coffee, to read, to bike around, to people-watch, to hike..whatever! I’m also really interested in history, so I can definitely get down with a good museum or documentary. Special skills that I have include the ability to lick my elbow (go ahead and try it on yourself…I’ll wait) and an aptitude for drawing unnecessarily elaborate and anatomically correct Snapchats. What drew me to UMKC is that the people here are talented, hardworking, and humble…it’s a rare combination, and it makes for the best coworkers. I also really like that Kansas City feels like a great setting in which to explore my interests in medicine and public health. By that, I mean that there’s a big need for the kind of care that we provide – I felt this was a place where my efforts could have an impact, but also one where I could feel supported in trying to do just that. It’s pretty great!
What is one thing that people should know about Kansas City? People from Kansas City LOVE Kansas City. Like seriously, so much.
What are your plans for after residency? Great question. Ask me again later!

Paige Monnet, M.D.

Medical School:
University of Oklahoma College of Medicine
Bio: Hello! I’m Paige and I’m from Tulsa, OK. I got my undergraduate degree from The University of Kansas and my medical degree from The University of Oklahoma. In my free time I like to drink craft beer and spend time with my significant other/fellow survivor of the couple’s match. Whether it’s brewery tours, concerts, or farmer’s markets, there is always something to keep me busy in Kansas City. I chose UMKC because I wanted a program with residents that really supported one another. I can’t imagine these first few months without my UMKC family!
What is one thing that people should know about Kansas City? There is always something fun to do here.
What are your plans for after residency? Pediatric Adolescent Gyn Fellowship

Neil Patel, M.D.

Medical School:
Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine
Bio: Hello, I’m Neil. I was born and raised in Williston North Dakota. I grew up spending time outdoors and enjoying all that North Dakota had to offer. I enjoy traveling and have been able to continue that passion during residency. UMKC has a great residency program and has numerous opportunities. Kansas City has a tremendous amount to offer, from their numerous restaurants to their sports teams.
What is one thing that people should know about Kansas City? We have amazing restaurants.
What are your plans after residency? MFM fellowship and work at a teaching hospital.

Benjamin Quarshie, M.D.

Quarshie, Ben
Medical School:
University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine
Bio: Hello! I’m Ben, welcome to UMKC! I was born in Accra, Ghana. I went to college at The University of Chicago, and completed medical school at The University of Iowa. I love to workout so if you’re into that maybe we can go for a run sometime. Choosing UMKC just made sense to me, I felt at home, I felt I could just be myself among a tight knit group of friends and it worked out! I really like the availability of all the staff and seniors, everyone is able to assist you anytime of the day and that is really nice.
What is one thing that people should know about Kansas City? I am a vegetarian and if you are don’t be afraid! There are PLENTY of vegetarian options available for us!
What are your plans for after residency? I am not sure yet, but global health is definitely going to be a part of my career so at least that’s a first step

Alexis Vollmar, M.D.

Medical School:
University of Missouri Kansas City School of Medicine
Bio: Hello all! I’m Lexi Vollmar and I’m proud to say that I am a part of the UMKC OB/GYN Residency Program. Right out of high school, I attended the UMKC 6-year BA/MD combined program and graduated in May 2017. I chose to stay and complete my residency at my home program because it just felt right and I couldn’t imagine moving away from my new home in Kansas City. Kansas City has it all. It embodies the feel of a young city with the old Midwest values that I grew up around. There are always sporting events, concerts, and new city murals popping up around town. Outside of work, you can find me catching a Zumba class, spending time with friends and family, or trying a new recipe out at home!
What is one thing that people should know about Kansas City? Very little traffic!
What are your plans for after residency? OB/GYN Generalist