Office of Research Administration offers grant submission deadline reminder

All grant submissions with UMKC as the prime or subcontract institution, require that all documents for the creation of PeopleSoft pages (proposal signature routing sheets) must be submitted to the SOM Office of Research Administration (ORA) no later than seven full business days prior to the deadline or chosen date of submission.

ORA will generate PeopleSoft Pages, request signatures of approval (i.e., PI, Department Chair, SOM Dean, & SOM Fiscal Officer), and submit to the UMKC Office of Research Services no later than five full business days prior to the deadline or chosen date of submission.

If the deadlines are not met, the application may not be approved or submitted.

Why is this required?

When a grant is submitted by UMKC School of Medicine faculty, the institution must approve the application’s financial details as UMKC resources, space, and people are being committed in the request. Since a grant agreement is a legal and binding contract, UMKC must ensure the grantor and institution requirements are upheld. Ample time to review the budget and other proposal documents prior to submission allows for better management of the grant after it is awarded.

Example: NIH R01 grant application due Tuesday, Sept. 20th

  • Submit required documents to ORA before Friday, Sept. 9.
  • ORA will submit signed/completed pages to ORS before Tuesday, Sept. 13 to ensure compliance with ORS five-business day deadline.
  • PI submits full application package to ORS ( three full business days prior to the application deadline, so in this example, Sept. 14.

Documents Required to Generate PeopleSoft pages:

  1. Abstract (a draft is acceptable)
  2. Detailed budget for each year of the project
  3. Copy/link to the Request For Proposal (RFP)
  4. Subcontract documents if UMKC is the prime awardee
  5. Completed questionnaire (attached)
  6. Any grantor documents that requires UMKC signature

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