Office of Marketing & Communications

Communication Services

OMC provides a wide variety of services to support the School of Medicine’s marketing and communication needs. For any project, the staff takes a comprehensive approach to creating and implementing a communication plan to meet the client’s needs.

Do you need?
  • Advertising
  • Brochures
  • Invitations
  • Newsletters/Magazines
  • Poster/Signage
  • Promotional Items
  • Postcards
  • Other Promotional Assistance
For all marketing & communication projects, the OMC staff follow a simple and effective process:

The OMC will edit and review content. The client is responsible for ensuring the final draft is correct.


OMC will edit and review content and proof to the best of our ability. Ensuring that the final draft is correct is the responsibility of the client.

The Meeting This step involves meeting with a creative team to discuss your needs, define the target audience, understand the goal of the communication, discuss tactics to meet goals, determine budget, and assign OMC resources to the project.
The Plan: OMC staff will provide a short document that outlines the process to complete the project. Depending on the project’s depth, the client will receive a schedule of completion, assignments of tasks, and cost estimate for the project.
Writing/Editing: The editors will work with each client to write or fine-tune content for the project.
Photography/Design: Designers and photographers will work with clients to create the creative design and photography needed.
Production: OMC will produce the final pieces and work with outside vendors to print the project. Printing routinely takes 7-14 days, increasing as the number of pages and/or quantity increases.

To start a project, email or call Lisa Mallow at 816-235-1739.