About Us

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The Department of Pathology thrives on daily patient care, training the pathologists of the future & teaching medical students the basic foundations of pathology.

Vision Statement:

The constant application of ever-new methods in pathology is a goal, along with providing resources that are both current & proven. Residents & students learn in an up-to-date environment that is also rich in history. Our vision in our complex & multiform setting is to serve all & to imbue that concept into our daily lessons.


(1) Patient care is always our first goal.
(2) The training of our residents & medical students is a priority.
(3) The integration of cutting-edge research in the academic lives of our attendings, residents & medical students is a must.

Upcoming Plans

• Evaluation of Pre-Natal Vitamin D Level Associated with Pregnancy Outcome
• Sickle Cell Research among African Americans in Kansas City
• High Incidents of Breast Cancer among Minority Populations of Kansas City

Brief History of Dept of Pathology

UMKC SOM Pathology Course Evolution:  Offered since 1971, initially as Laboratory Medicine/Clinical Pathology 4x per year for MS4 & MS5, then in 1989 Pathology Course was taught 2x per year (50 students each) for MS4. Today, we teach the course during the winter semester annually to MS3 (100 students).

  • UMKC SOM Monthly Elective in Pathology:  Offered since 1971
  • UMKC SOM Pathology Residency Program:  Offered since 1988
  • UMKC School of Dentistry Pathology Course:  2012-present
  • TMC Cytotechnology School:  1983 – 1998
  • TMC Histotechnology School:  1991 – 1996

Shawnee Mission High School Seniors’ Elective Program:  2000 – present