Office of Professional Development

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Welcome to the Office of Professional Development at the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Medicine.

Our Mission:

To create, optimize, and make possible opportunities to engage faculty to develop their skills to achieve professional fulfillment throughout their careers.

Our Vision:

To ensure that development opportunities are available so that every faculty may achieve his/her fullest potential and contribute to the mission of the School of Medicine in a meaningful way.

Our values:
  • Mentoring: We coach faculty to develop their skills and seek opportunities to progress their professional career
  • Education: We provide resources for development training, including those that foster career progression
  • Professionalism: We foster opportunities for faculty to deepen both their professional identity and humanism to gain self-fulfillment and better serve patients, family, community, and our learners
  • Well-being: We provide resources for faculty and encourage them to further their self-care to ensure professional fulfillment throughout the stages of their careers
  • Celebration: We recognize faculty accomplishments and recommend faculty for school-based, university-based, and national awards

*Approved by the Professional Development Committee, July 23, 2019

The Professional Development Committee works with the Office of Professional Development to develop and implement programs based on the School of Medicine’s faculty’s assessed needs and priorities.

The Faculty Awards Review Committee works with this office and is focused on recognizing, recommending, and celebrating faculty’s accomplishments.