Office of Professional Development

Calendar of Scheduled Faculty Development

UMKC SOM Faculty Professional Development Sessions


Calendar for 2023-2024

(Will be updated as sessions are finalized)

Session will include Zoom presentations from noon till 1 PM, workshop sessions, and Book Club.  Registration required for workshops and Book Club

 (To view recorded sessions already presented, go to Education > Online Library tab, and search Table of Contents)

Leadership Book Club occurs on the third Tuesday of the month from noon till 1PM (with some pauses for holidays).  Options include in-person at the SOM or Zoom participation.  You don’t have to be a leader, but you do need to aspire to further develop your professional skills.  The Office of Professional Development requires registration for each book and the office will pay and order the book for the first 15 faculty registrants.  If you register after the first 15, you will be responsible for getting your own book.  When the Office pays for your book, attendance is expected.  Please register for the session even if you don’t need a copy of the book so we know how many to expect.

Book Sessions
BOOK #1:  What Great Teachers Do Differently by Todd Whitaker


Registration now open:


August 15th.  Pages 1-68 (through chapter 11, “Ten Days Out of Ten”)

September 19th.  Pages 69-128 (end of book)

BOOK #2:  Stolen Focus by Johann Hari


Registration open August 15th:


October 17thPages 3-78 (through chapter 4, “The Collapse of Sustained Reading”)

November 21stPages 79-142 (through chapter 7, “The Rise of Technology that can Track and Manipulate You”)

December 19th.  Pages 143-212 (through chapter 12, “Causes Nine and Ten:  Our Deteriorating Diets and Rising Pollution”)

January 16th.  Pages 213-284 (end of book)

BOOK #3:  Nudge:  The Final Edition

by Richard Thaler and Cass Sunstein


Registration open December 15th:


February 20th.  Pages 1-90 (Part I)

April 16th.  Pages 91-176 (Part II)

May 21st.  Pages 177-249 (Part III)

June 18th.  Pages 250-340 (Parts IV and V)


We listened!!  From our recent Office of Professional Development Faculty Survey, most of you cited workshops as the most effective method for development activities, so we have planned several.

October 27, 2023.  “Innovation and Research in Medical Education Workshop”, 8 a.m. till noon, Theater A SOM. (Light refreshments will be served).  Can’t attend the workshop?  Sessions will be recorded and posted on the Office of Professional Development website.

Workshop will include:

  • Session on Artificial Intelligence and its impact on the learning environment by Dr. Jenifer Allsworth
  • Peer-reviewed abstracts by faculty that will share medical education innovations and/or research (be on the lookout for a call for abstracts coming soon)
  • Master Panel of SOM Louise E. Arnold, PhD Excellence in Medical Education Research Award recipients sharing advice on how to be successful in medical education research
  • Panel discussion with leaders from the Masters of Health Professions Education (MHPE) and Masters of Bioinformatics programs to describe the programs, including faculty graduates to share their experience/benefits of the programs

Please register for the workshop so we know how many to expect to

February 9, 2024.  “Professional Identity Formation (PIF) and Learners:  Why it Matters and How to Get Started”, 9 a.m. till noon, Theater B SOM.  (Light refreshments will be served).  Can’t attend the workshop?  Sessions will be recorded and posted on the Office of Professional Development website.

Workshop will include:

  • Interactive session exploring how, what, and why of PIF, including incorporating it into your curriculum/program by Dr. Jennifer Quaintance
  • Interactive session on the role of PIF in approaching the remediation of learners by Dr. Christine Sullivan

Please register for the workshop so we know how many to expect to


Workshop planned in May 2024:  Workshop will be focused on topics related to well-being for faculty including work life balance, when to say yes and when to say no, etc.  More information will be shared soon as we finalize details.