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Welcome from the Program Director

Welcome to the University of Missouri-Kansas City Psychiatry Residency Program. We are excited that you are considering our program for residency training.

Residency is the process that molds the individual trainee to becoming a well-rounded psychiatrist. During residency, trainees develop their professional identities and gain up-to-date knowledge and skills to practice independently. We believe that every individual comes with their own inherent strength and skills, and that it is our role as educators to enhance these abilities to greater heights. This is what we strive to do within our program.

We believe in nurturing our trainees during these formative years with ample guidance, mentorship, self-directed learning skills, and providing constructive feedback. Residents have ample avenues to learn first-hand about the various facets of mental illness and their impact on the individual, families, and society.
Additionally, our trainees also participate in “process groups” to reflect on how issues with authority, roles, boundaries, and differences can affect their professional identity formation. Residents may choose to experience individual psychotherapy as a step towards better understanding of the self and deeper understanding of the patient’s perspective. Over the course of their training, residents learn to overcome challenges and become confident in evidence-based treatments and independent decision-making.

Specialized tracks in health professions education, clinical research and psychotherapy are newer additions to our program. Our trainees have added opportunities to learn about neuro-modulation therapies such as TMS and ECT. We provide a unique experience helping to restore competency to forensically committed patients, as well as traditional inpatient work with voluntary and civil commitment patients with mental illness.

Trainees graduate with an expanded skill set ready for any future practice. Our program has dedicated faculty, inter-professional learning opportunities and a diverse and supportive learning environment. We want to assist residents in their quest to become the best possible psychiatrists. Graduates have the expertise and understanding to adapt to the evolving advances within the field, while maintaining a person-centered approach to psychiatric illness.

Thank you for your interest in the Psychiatry Residency Program at the University of Missouri- Kansas City.

Dr. Bini Moorthy






Bini Moorthy, MD, MHPE
Program Director
Associate Professor of Psychiatry
University of Missouri-Kansas City

-The program holds full accreditation from the Accreditation Council on Graduate Medical Education (ACGME)